From the depths of the closet, may I present, my first two knitting projects…

Remember when I told you about the tub in my closet that has all my knitting disasters in it? Well , I opened that tub today to bring out some projects to share with all of you.

I didn’t really know where to start because, honestly, there’s a lot. So, I’ll start at the very beginning… 

Once Upon a time when Smashlee learned to knit, and there were only two skeins of pink yarn in her stash and she made her very first scarf. 

It was a 4 by 4 checkerboard pattern, which I was told by my teacher that it would help me learn to knit and purl and count. It did all those things but, not without a few hiccups.

First off, it’s a very very short scarf… And at the time I thought “hey, I get it now… Can we move on? ” I was bored out of my mind. I finished knitting the first ball and basically gave up . 


The thing is though, the yarn SUCKS. I don’t even know what it was but, its such a frail sad looking scarf that’s I actually feel bad for it.

Not to mention I clearly did not know the difference between my purls and knits because, there is so many time I did the opposite of what I was suppose to.

However, this scarf started it all. I actually went on to knit 4 more of these . I made them for my bridesmaids at my wedding and they were slightly better than the first one… I think. However, I never took a picture of any of the scarves so I have no proof of this.

If any of my bridesmaids still have those scarves kicking around , take a pic and send it to me. Actually, maybe don’t… I’m almost positive they aren’t as good as I remember them. 
The second scarf I made was the red one. It was knit for mr. Smashlee, before he became mr. Smashlee.

I finished knitting it while we were watching the Notorious B.I.G. movie. I remember turning to mr. Smashlee (who at he time was just called mr.) and asking if he was ever going to wear it. He said he would. He never did. We got married anyway.

There were Random knots in the sea of stockingette stitch. It’s longer then the pink scarf but, still not long enough . And there’s is some purl stitches where their shouldn’t be.



 Maybe one day the Mr. will get a scarf. But I doubt it

The good news is I now make my scarves much longer. My general rule is the lengthen the scarf is equal to the height of the recipient. Unless your a Dr. Who fan, then you a get an extra extra long scarf.

So there you have it my very first projects. I’d love to hear what your first projects were and if you kept them on not.  So please comment with your stories.

Thanks for reading.


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