Knitting with my eyes closed 

Have  you ever knit with your eyes closed? I often don’t look while knitting but, rarely are my eyes actually closed.  Unless ,of course, I’m trying having trouble sleeping. Then, some boring stockingette stitch will put me to sleep so fast.

Knitting some relief  was the title of chapter three of Betsy Greer’s Book Knitting for Good. It talks about how knitting can be used to soothe big emotions , ease pain and How it can be used a meditation.

I consider myself quite spiritual and I love the idea of mediating. I’m really, really bad at it though. I’m not exactly an avid mediator but, I either fall asleep or I have trouble with my mind wandering to the point that I just give up. Now I know ,with practice I could improve this but, honestly I would rather just knit.

As I was reading through this chapter I really start to think why couldn’t I do what Betsy suggests and just knit for 10 minutes and concentrated on the stitches, the yarn and the needles. I don’t remember if she says to close your eyes but, I did it anyway.

Here’s my results…. 

I dunno what I’m making… Maybe a meditation scarf? The plan for the next little bit is to knit on this scarf for 5 minutes  first thing in the morning and 5 minutes before bed, with my eyes closed. I don’t care if stitches are dropped or mistakes are made.This is a mediation piece it’s not meant to be perfect.

This chapter also talks about knitting through difficult emotions such as anger, stress, aniexty and sadness. I don’t really knit when I’m super stressed, sad or have massive aniexty however, if I’m mad I knit so fast it’s crazy. I’ve actually had friends and mr. Smashlee comment on the speed of my knitting and the level of passion I have while I’m angrily knitting. Little do they know I’m knitting so I don’t throw sharp pointy knitting needles at the offending party. It’s really for everyone’s protection.

I really think I need to try knitting through other emotions though. I mean why not? if I’m gonna be sad or stressed I might as well knit to see if that makes things better instead of sulking or obsessively worrying.

When it comes to physical pain though, I’m not sure I could knit through that. 

Prior to each mini being born I really wanted to use knitting as a pain management system durning labour. That didn’t happen. In fact in the frantic dash to the hospital both times I forgot my knitting bag. And honestly I didn’t miss it. 

I had big plans though, with the mini-me I was going knit hats and slippers  With the mini -he I was going to make an queen sized afghan. And then all the hospital staff would marvel not only at the my bundle of joy but also at my knitting skills and my ability to remain calm. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Instead I screamed at people. Because that’s just what you do in labour.

So, how to you manage kniting and pain, physical or emotional? And do you find it soothing ? Comment and let know.

One thought on “Knitting with my eyes closed 

  1. My crochet helps me with my pain so much! I find when I’m feeling really rough, i just have to focus on the stitches (i can only do basic granny swuares when I’m really bad), i make sure to notice every aspect – how my hands feel holding the hook and yarn, the feel of the yarn passing over my fingers and how i move to create a stitch. Really helps me to focus on the present moment. I was taught it in my pain management class and it’s called mindfulness – i find it easier than meditation cause i always fall asleep when meditating lol.


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