Craft Business Power

I have this massive vision for what I want Smashlee Stitches to be. I want it to be my career and a way to support  my family but, I also have goals of what I want Smashlee Stitches to be as a company. I want to offer everything from hand knit accessories and apparel to knit patterns ,books and classes.

 I always thought this  sounded slightly crazy and I didn’t always publicly make my vision known. I was worried about how I thought people would respond. I eventually DID start sharing this dream and I DID get some negative and harsh feedback . However , I slowly realized I knew that it wasn’t their opinon that mattered, it was mine. If I didn’t think I could it make this work then, I would fail for sure. Proving “them” right. 

To keep my mind focused on the goal (and not what people were saying about me), I decided I would flood my brain with books , audio and YouTube videos from those who were successful in growing a business , writing blogs, knitting, etc.  I have learned so much from this. It has helped me push away all the negative stuff and really focus even more my dreams .

Lately my choice of reading topics  has been on the specifics of the crafting and handmade industry. With the popularity of Pinterest, Etsy and even Facebook pages more and more people are able to be successful at this.

The best book I have found so far on this topic is called Craft business Power by Jason and Cinnamon Miles.

This books tells the story of Liberty Jane Clothing.  A handmade doll clothes company that went from making clothes for their daughter to having a business profitable enough to employee not only both parents but also a teamful of designers, crafters , photographer and more. 

Guess how they did it? EBay and Etsy sales. They also offer patterns and classes and books on their own website. Kinda sounds like my dream right?!

if you want the honest straight forward truth on what it takes to be a successful crafter this is a must read. But, spoiler alert… It’s gonna be hard work. 

Nothing about this is easy, or quick. There will be sweat , tears and crafting till 2am sometimes, but that’s what it takes.

You can order this book on Amazon in ebook version  or listen to auidobook.

give a read or listen if you are thinking about selling your handmade stuff or if you already are doing so. I don’t think you’ll regret it. I mean who doesn’t want to earn money doing something you love?

So, as it turns out you CAN make money crafting full time . That means  I may still be crazy with my dreams   but In the end I think that’s a good thing.

Thanks for reading!


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