What’s on my needles this week? Lots of projects…

project #1 my moms sweater.

 Guess what?!! The sleeves are done,the raglan portion is seamed together and the first of three boarders is knit. It’s looks amazing!!!

Guess what else? I’m going to to run out of yarn…. The colour is discontinued so I’ll have to order from this lady in Spain to get the one skein I need. It sucks that I will have to wait to finish it but, it could be worse I suppose.  There could be no lady in Spain and I would have to abandon the sweater or give it a hot pink boarder.


Project #2 NHL slippers.

Still can’t find my yellow yarn for the Calgary flame bootis  so they on hiatus because I REFUSE to re knit the first one. I’m stubborn like that.

I have one Ottawa Senators slipper  done and will be finishing the second  one in the coming days.

Project #3 the mermaid tail.

I have an order for two mermaid tail afghans and while I wait on the yarn for these  I figured I’d test the pattern out by making one for the mini-me.

Either I got better at crocheting or the pattern is easy because, so far so good!! 

However I don’t actually know what side is the wrong side, so that could pose an issue… 

Project #4 the make up bag

I am loving these colours so far and cannot wait to go fabric shopping for the inside liner. However, I really have no idea how this bag goes together so I’m just following the pattern blindly.

Project #5 orange socks 

Been a while since I talked about my socks; you know, the ones I only knit while out and about?  I am happy to report I have one finished!! I’m kinda suffering from second sock sydrome though… I have no desire right now to cast on the second one. In fact, I’m not sure there will be a second one. This pattern was a first for me Md there are some mistakes so, I may decide to chalk this sock up to a learning experience. 


So goals this week are… Finish the second boarder for moms sweater, finish Ottawa slippers, start new pink socks, finish the bag and knit half of the mermaid afghan. Bonus points if I find my yellow yarn to finish the  Calgary sneakers 

What’s on your needles (or hook) ?? Comment and let me know how many projects you have on the go right now. 

Thanks for reading


One thought on “What’s on my needles this week? Lots of projects…

  1. When I discovered SSS – it was on a fingerless glove (I still only have one). From then on- I vowed to only do socks and gloves 2-at-a-time. It may take a little longer, but you finish one as you finish it’s mate. And that is worth the wait.


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