Knitting Art

I’ve always wanted to get art for my walls that has to do with knitting. However, I have found it hard to come by So I’m kinda on a mission to make my own.

There seems to be some cool ideas out there but I thought I’d share my favourites .

This really caught my eye , I found it via Pinterest.

But my absolute favorite comes from

There is a great how to video and you can download the knitting wall art patterns via ravelry.

 I actually think this would be great way to show off some of my stitches from the 400 stitches project I’m working on. I’m not crazy about the blanket idea I’ve been knitting so far with the swatches from the book. However, I’m not sure I would frame 400 different sitches and hang them up ( okay, who Am I kidding if I lived by myself I totally would) but, I could put them in photo album or something and only frame the ones that I totally loved. Hmm… My brain is full of ideas now. 

So what do you think knitting art, yay or nay?? Comment and let me know!
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4 thoughts on “Knitting Art

  1. I think a few would be fine. I plan to do this when I have a dedicated crafting space. I do plan to have a ‘Swatch Book’ where I just make a bunch of swatches in my favorite type of yarn and write down all the gauge information. This way I’ll have pretty swatches, AND I can cheat. “Well I know I get ___ stitches per inch in this yarn on these needles, so I don’t have to do another gauge swatch.” Hah!

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