Knit Simple

I love reading knitting magazines. I learn so much from them and get amazing ideas for new projects. When I first started knitting I was always inspired by the lastest issue of vogue knitting or similar magazines but, I always thought I wasn’t skilled enough in knitting to ever try anY of the patterns. One day however, well browsing through my small town general store I came across what would later be my “go to” knitting magazine. 
It’s bright coloured friendly cover called to me so, I flipped through it while mr. Smashlee was browsing for a thermos for work. I was instantly sold. For the next month I read this magazine every single day. I was obbessing and dreaming over every pattern. There was this one pattern that I remember that was a striped scarf and hat set. I made one for a friend using 100% acrylic (GASP) yarn instead of the recommended cascade 220 yarn. It was first scarf I made without screwing it up too much. I was pretty proud of it and  I always swore I would make more.

This magazine I fell in love with was called Knit simple magazine. It never talked down to me for my lack of knowledge, It never judged when I had to look up how to do a yarn over. It encouraged me through my first shawl pattern for my mom, where I again used acrylic yarn instead of the yarn it called for.i Basically, I didn’t feel like the magazine was too good for me and my beginner skills. It was a perfect fit.  Every month I bought this magazine without fail. I now purchase it on my iPhone with the Knit Simple where I can refer to it anytime. And even though I’m no longer a beginner knitter , I still find this magazine extremely enjoyable.

When I wrote my bucket list out, I included item number #4 write for or contribute an article to a knitting magazine, I had the knit simple magazine in mind. Now I’m not saying I am a magazine snob and would only ever write for Knit Simple and no other magazine. There’s so many amazing magazines I couldn’t limit myself like that  but, Knit SImple is my favorite and is where the bucket list goal originally came from.

The only way I know how to accomplish a goal is to study what I’m trying to achieve. Meaning , if I want to one day have an article in a magazine I need to read the articles, note what they talk about and how they write. What kind of patterns do they have, how are the patterns written and by whom? In other words, learn from the people who already have accomplished this goal.

So, I’m going to spend the next little while immersed in my Knit SImple magazines. I’ve decided I also want to to start knitting some of the patterns that really speak to me.

I wanted something challenging yet familiar and something I already have the yarn for. Cue the summer 2015 issue. There is this amazing make up bag made with Cacasde 220, which I happpen to have. It involves adding a zipper and lining, which I’ve never done before.  I don’t have the exact colours in the pattern but, I’ve Choosen something I think will work nicely.

I’m excited to start this pattern in the next few weeks and I hope you check back with me and see my progress.

Please feel free comment and let me know your favorite knitting magazines. I’d love to hear your recommendations.

 Thanks for reading!


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