The never ending sleeves

You know when you think something is going be easy and quick but, in reality it’s taking 5 times longer than you intially estimated?

That’s how the sleeves for my Mom’s sweater are going right now. Granted I am knitting both sleeves at the same time so, that could be why it seems to be taking FOREVER . It’s not like I didn’t make progress on them. I’m at the point where I finish my increases and I’m knitting in stockingette stitch until I reach 18″, then I will do the raglan decreases until they are finished. THEN I can seam the sweater and finish it up with the boarders. I might break my rules of this being a weekend only project… I just really want these sleeves done!!!

In other Smashlee project news, I am happy to report the green and black slippers have had their grippy bottoms attached and are on their way to the new owner. 

The Calgary Flames booties are like 20 minutes from being done but, I can’t find my yellow and white yarn for the stripes. I’m almost positive this is due to the mini-he hiding my yarn so,it could be anywhere! I’m loving how they look though!

The Ottawa Senators slippers will be started this Wednesday as I am awaiting red yarn.

I’ve also been addicted to making freeze pop cozies . I’m using cotton yarn this time.  I love how quick these are. I can make one in about 10 minutes now.


 The last project I’m working on his week is a mermaid blanket . I have an order for two of these blankets and since my crochet skills aren’t as good as my knitting skills, I figured I would make the small version of this blanket as a trial run. Wish me luck!! ( thank goodness there is YouTube video tutorial )
I’m excited for this weeks projects and I would to hear what’s on your needles  ( or hooks) , so feel free to comment and let me know what your working on.

Thanks for reading!!



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