Am I now an organized Knitter??

This is my second attempt at writing this blog post. My first one got deleted by the accidental click of a button. So here we go…

Today I’m writing about my last few days of following the blog post by WEBS entitled 31 days to get organized. This post highlights my last few days of this journey  but, if you would like to see the days 1 through 26 you can read about it all here.

Day 27 knitting and crochet spaces at home.

I live in a really small home with not a lot of space. my knitting area is in my master bedroom. I simply use a corner to stash my yarn , my needles and my books. One day when the minis finally move out or I moved to a bigger home , I can have a yarn room. It will have pink walls with a comfy couch , a great workspace and an armoire to keep all my knitting goodies stored away. In fact , I’m on the lookout for the perfect our armoire right now but I just haven’t found anything suitable.



Day 28 out and about with my knitting.

I have previously written about this but, right now whenever I’m on the go I always have my current sock project tucked away nicely in my purse. It small and portable and prefect for on the go.  Its amazing how much I can get done with a few minutes here or there while I’m waiting for someone or something. It’s also great for long car rides where I can zone out and knit for hours! Obviously, I’m not  the one driving I leave that to mr. Smashlee.

Day 29-  storing my knits

I don’t have a lot of personal knitting  to store asthe only item I have really made for myself is the pink sweater. I do however have lots of knitting projects to store. I have three tubs dedicated to projects. One is the current inventory for my Etsy store.

  The other two tubs store my “bad” projects. These are projects that for some reason or another are no good. 

   We are talking sweaters that don’t fit,slippers that are made wrong and scarves  with holes where there shouldn’t be any holes and much more. Some of these are my beginner knitting projects. I keep all of these “bad” projects  so I can look back on themand see how far i’ve come. In fact, I’m thinking about doing a blog post on all these projects and showing off my mistakes and what I’ve learned from each one.

Day 30- maintaining your knitting organization

This posthas a lot of good ideas on how to maintain the progress I’ve  made. I think the main thing is to make sure i put things back where they belong, when I’m finished with them. Now that everything has a place, this should be easy. it just takes a little bit of self discipline. 

Like the article suggests , I plan to re-visit my orgnaztional habits on a regular basis. The plan is to go through this whole process again in January 2016, and then do a check up every 6 months.

Day 31 – wrap up

What I have learned from this blog series? 

Well first off, I got to say that WEBS have done a great job putting all these  tips and tricks together. I had a blast going through the 31 day process.

This series really  taught me how to break things down to easy steps. I learned to keep only the yarn and needles I love and use. And my biggest takeaway was learning  how use Ravelry properly. Once I fully understand what the site can do I began to love it and use it more. Instead of pulling out all my books to glance through pattern after pattern I can simply log in to ravelry search my library and find the pattern, yarn and needles I need. I only have to go into tubs to retrieve the items I am going to use. I think this can really help me save time and keep everything neat and In order.

Now for the most important question, am I now an organized knitter? I think I am going to say yes. I’m not perfect , but, I’ve come along way since starting the journey! I’m really happy with the outcome and knowledge I have received .

 Thank you WEBS!!!!


One thought on “Am I now an organized Knitter??

  1. I only kept two bad projects. My very first project ever- a “scarf”, which turned out to be washcloth sized when I gave up; and that ugly moebius scarf thing that part of me thinks I can fix. The other part of me thinks that’s a total waste of time.


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