My main goal this week is to not cry at preschool grad…

My mini-me graduates from preschool this Thursday which makes me realized soon she will be in kindergarten all day. When she was a baby and was up all day and all night ,  I wished time would fast forward to her going off the school. Now ,that it’s just around the corner I realize time really does move too quickly. And so for the next few day I will be repeating “I will not cry at preschool grad.. I will not cry at preschool grad.. I will not cry at preschool grad…” 

My mom, who reads my blog pretty much  every day, is probably crying right now because of that last paragraph. So let me cheer her up with this picture of her almost done sweater.  
I have both the front pieces finished and was able to knit them without getting my left and rights or should I say , neck edges and raglan edges mixed up. I’m now on the sleeves and I’ve decided to knit both of them at the same time. The ribbing is finished on both sleeves . The first set of increases is just about done one of them and the  I will repeat this process for the second sleeve. I will finish them up and move on to seaming and then cable and ribbing  boarders. 

My other projects from last week didn’t get as much progress . I didn’t get anywhere on the Calgary Flames sneakers. And the grippy bottoms were not attached to green and black slippers due to misplacing fabric glue. in true Smashlee fashion , this fabric glue was found in a totally random place as soon I returned from the store today with a replacement. 

However , today want all bad . I did manage to complete a custom order. So I feel this so far week is off to a good start.

These are freeze pop cozies. They were a blast to make and a great quick stash buster! I can see myself making a ton of these over the next few months.

This week I’m putting the green and black slippers and the Calgary Flames slippers at the top of the list. 

They will then be followed by a young adult pair of Ottawa Senators grippy bottom mukluks . They will be donated to CHEO. ( children’s hospital of eastern Ontario)

I’m pretty sure that will fill up my week. And I’m also 100 percent sure I will cry on Thursday no matter how many time I tell myself I won’t.

Thanks for reading  


2 thoughts on “My main goal this week is to not cry at preschool grad…

  1. Leslie-Anne Keown

    Of course you will cry and so will I. That’s OK – it means you are being a parent. As for your blog -I read everyone dearest and I feel proud that you my daughter every time : )

    Liked by 1 person

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