Becoming an organized knitter: Day 15-19

I am on week three of my quest to become a more organized knitter. I have found an amazing blog post series by WEBS that features 31 days of knitting organization. 

I realize I am week behind. I blame that on colds, toddlers and napping. This past week I worked on days 15-19 and focused on patterns!

day 15 – I started off this week with grabbing all the pattern books, lose patterns and papers; Sorting them, picking out my faves, toss or recycle what I don’t use.

I have a nice assortment of books but, its not overwhelming. I did purge some magazines and patterns but, overall It seems to all fit nicely in this box, which is currently stored in my closet away from the minis.

day 16– Organize those single paper patterns.

All of my paper patterns are nicely stored in a 3 ring binder. With the exception of a handful, these patterns are all dishcloth patterns and listed alphabetically. I received these patterns from my knitting teacher when I learned to knit. I have always wanted to knit through the binder. (Maybe I`ll have to add this to my bucket list.)

All my other patterns are stored digitally on my phone.

day 17– the ravelry queue

I`ve known about this function of Ravelry for quite some time now, but I haven’t really ever used it. I  am always afraid my queue would get out of control so, I’m going to have to watch it carefully. I highly suggest you read through day 17 and follow the suggestion on how to prevent this from happening.  I think the queue can really work for me. I like lists, I usually have a list of projects for customers, my stock for my Etsy shop and my personal projects. This will keep in all organized and with due dates!

day 18- digitial patterns

I have already mentioned I have almost all my patterns on my iphone and use ibooks for to store and sort them, However, I am a big fan of how Ravelry stores them. I really do like the idea of storing them all in one place, possibly a USB stick or on icloud or google drive. My phone is what I use the most so, it makes sense to keep them on there, the USB would probably just be for back up. Now, I just have to convince Mr. Smashlee to part with one of his USB sticks…

Day 19- keeping track of my library.

This post suggests some great ways to keep track of what patterns you have. They suggest using evernote or similar app to do this. I have never used Evernote but, I have heard wonderful things about it. I downloaded the app and will be playing with it to see what its capable of but, In the meantime, I added all my patterns to my Ravelry library. I added every book , pattern and magazine. This way I can see everything I have and It turns out I have around 900 patterns. Not bad, I kinda thought it would be much worse then that. 900 patterns almost seems doable.. cause you know, I totally want to knit them all.

So that’s all what I have organized this week, and It looks like next week I’ll be dealing with the kniting needles,…AHHHHH

With regards to my last post on the webs organizing challenge ,I am happy report my yarn stash has finally been sorted and all entered into Ravelry.

If you look back on my previous stash post you will see I had a total yarn yardage of 59,483. That was in Febuary of 2013.It’s now the end of May 2015 and I have a total yardage of 25,243. That means I have used up or gotten rid of  34,240 yards of yarn. In other words, I knit alot.

If you would like to check out my progress from week one and two of the challenge you can read them here.

As always,

Thanks for reading!!!

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