Playing catch up.

This past weekend was a long weekend. Monday was Victoria Day which celebrates Queen Victoria’s birthday. Canadians or at least in the part of Canada that I come from, uses this weekend to kick off the camping season.

Camping and me don’t mix so, I spent this weekend ( all 3 days of it), working on my mom’s sweater.

The back and the left front is finished and the right front ribbing is almost done. I then have the remaining pieces, which are, the sleeves, the right and left front border and cable panels. I am making the Polly pattern from Sublime and I have to say I am really really enjoying it. I  hope to have it finished by the end of June, so I can give it to my Mom for her birthday.

I’m really thinking I need one of these sweaters, maybe in a pale pink. I’d don’t think my mom and I have ever worn matching clothes, but since we live 4000km away from each other, and I hand knit these sweaters, it should be okay, right? 

As for my other projects, I got a lot on the go and it time to Get back on track and finish them.

my black grippy bottoms came in and I will be FINALLY attaching them to the green and black Slippers. I promise to post pics when I’m done!!

The herringbone scarf is 75% done and I’m excited to hopefully block and finish this week!

I have one Calgary Flames bootie just about done. It only needs laces and then I will move on to the next one later this week.

So, I will be focusing on finishing  these projects so, I can spend Saturday and Sunday working on my favorite project, the Polly sweater.

Thanks for reading!!


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