Calgary Flames Baby Sneakers

I had big plans today. I was going to clean my house peacefully, while the minis played oh so nicely together and mr.smashlee tore our deck down so it can be rebuilt this coming  weekend. I was going to take regular breaks while I was cleaning to knit a pair of newborn Calgary Flames sneakers. I was going to have a balanced and well thoughtout day. It was a great idea, in theory.

This is what really happened.

I cleaned. Then I knit and I was making really good progress . I almost was done the first bootie and then I realized two things. 1. I screwed up the pattern. 2. I hated the way it looked.

I was kniting the sole red, then moved on the the uppers and toe cover in white. Then the main bootie would be red with a yellow and white stripe to resemble the Calgary Flames jersey . I’d finish off the bootie with black laces.

It didn’t look right. and the stitch count was way off. It looked nothing like it did in my mind. It had way too much white and not enough black So, I ripped everything out and started over. This time the sole would would be white, the upper and toe cover black, main bootie in red. I’m Still undecided about if I’ll add a stripe of yellow and white but, I’ll decide that tonight. The laces will either be  yellow or black.

Guess we still see how it turns out but, so far I like it.

It wasn’t just the knitting that had issues though. This afternoon the minis went crazy. Everything I cleaned was now a mess, at one point there was a mini standing on the kitchen table ( my table is quite high) and the other one was helping herself to snacks on top shelf of the pantry. And let’s not talk about what happened at bath time. Seriously!! Ahhhh! Thank goodness they are in bed.

On a happier note, I did the random drawing for the pair of nhl slippers and I would like to congratulate Karen Christie who is a big Ottawa Senators fan! Karen, please get in touch via Facebook or email and let me know what style and size you would like your slippers.
Thank you to all those who entered, I’ll be doing another contest next week, so stay tuned.

I’m going to try and sneak some knitting in now,

Thanks for reading!


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