Smashlee Stitches Patterns

I’ve dabbled a bit in knitting pattern design. By no means am I an expert designer but, It is something I enjoy doing and have plans to continue in the future.

Right now, I have three patterns available for purchase.

The Knitted Tutu


Smashlee Stitches Boot Cuffs 


Smashlee Stitches Slouchy Hat


These patterns were all inspired by my customers and their orders. Often, I couldn’t find a pattern suitable for the custom orders so, I simply made up my own.

I would really like to a have a pattern collection one day ( bucket list item number 12 ) and a book ( bucket list item number 9) but, the inspiration hasn’t struck yet for exactly what these collections and book would entail.

As soon as my WIPs are down to a reasonable number, I want to set some time aside every week to let the creativity and yarn flow and write out a few patterns. I’ll probably start by releasing my pattern for my ribbed slouch hat and my snowball hat,

600314_464605216965479_2128319663_n1798736_806142739478390_5116816974217243024_n (1)

On  a side note, I decided to extend my contest from last week blog post until Tomorrow.  I will be announcing the winner of the free pair of hockey slippers in tomorrows post. You have till tomorrow at 5pm MST to enter… see details on my post from last week , on how to enter.

Thanks for reading,


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