31 Days to Organized Knitting

Week two of my webs organizing challenge has been all about organizing my yarn stash.

(You can read about my first week here.)

Day 6 – flash the stash.

Ok are you ready?

I now present you my entire yarn stash

Day 7- detashing the stash

So I’m pretty against throwing yarn out  but, I did dispose of 2 balls I honestly cannot stand.

There was no hope for them. I HATED them but, when I threw them out I did feel really bad.

As for giving yarn away….  keep reading to see why I’m struggling with this concept.

Day 8- recycling yarn

I didn’t have any yarn I need to recycle from old projects but, this is a great read about what to do with yarn after you have frogged a project.

Day 9- tracking your stash

This one is an ongoing thing for me. I can’t really do it in one go, because the minis need love and attention too. I’ve been squeezing some organizing in while it’s nap time and such but, it’s a slow going process. Currently I’m going through what was already tracked on Ravelry from before and see if I still have that yarn.

Next I will add all the new skeins of yarn and eventually add pictures to each entry.

Day 10 – leftover yarn

I have taken all the left over bits of yarn and put them in a bin. Once my yarn stash is done, I will separate the small balls of yarn into clear ziploc bags and organize them according to colour and yarn type. I use these left over balls for making flowers, hearts and other crochet appliques.

Day 11- unwanted yarn

I struggle with this…I set out my goal on my Bucket list to use my all yarn stash. If I don’t love the yarn and I give it away, is that cheating?! I dunno…. I have to give this one a good think.

Day 12- mystery yarn

I don’t have any yarn I dont know what it is. I have had some trouble remembering the exact colour name of some skeins but, a quick google search fixes that.

The burn test the article mentions is awesome. I’ve seen it done once and it absolutely fascinated me. If you want to see it done here is a great Youtube video on it.

Day 13- storing yarn

The yarn I’m storing was suppose to go in a big storage tub. However, now that I saw the picture of how the author’s yarn is organized, I’m inspired. I want my yarn to look like that!

So, with this in mind, right now, after I organize the yarn it then gets placed in bag with any other colours of that brand of yarn. Once I have it all organized I will purchased smaller tubs and organize by yarn type.

These tubs will then be organized high on a book shelf away from the minis. Because the big tub thing just isn’t working out.  Mini-he and mini-cousin seem to think the tubs are a good place to take a quick nap.

Day 14- keeping the moths away

I don’t plan on having my yarn stash long enough for this to matter but, just it case, most of it will be going into sealable bags.

Although I’m not 100 percent done the yarn, I’m working away on it. I’m loving the plan I have to make my yarn easy , accessible and toddler proof. Don’t worry their will be plenty of pics of the finished stash.

Be sure to check back next week when I hopefully will be done with all the yarn organizing and can move on to patterns.

Thanks for reading!!


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