Knitting for Hockey Fans

If you didn’t know already, I’m Canadian. That should automatically mean a few things; I would die for Tim Hortons coffee ; I say “eh?” At the end of every sentence and I’m a die hard hockey fan.

I must be a bad Canadian because I’m not a coffee drinker; I use the word “eh?” rarely and I’m not much of hockey fan.

I mean I’ll watch hockey if someone else is watching it but, I could take it or leave it. Actually, I’m the worse kind of fan, I’m a bandwagon fan.  I do love watching other people get so excited about their team scoring or winning, I like the excitement.

Now that I’m a knitter I actually view hockey differently.I see it as a really good excuse to knit. I mean that’s like 3 hours of sitting on the couch or in an arena knitting my heart out. I can learn to love that. However, If Jarome Iginla is playing I’ll be too busy watching him,.. I mean watching the game to knit. So,i suppose I am a hockey fan after all. Even if it’s just for the eye candy.


The fact that I do live in Canada and have many friends and customers who love love love their hockey team means I get a lot of requests for knits in team colors. I’ve done boots, hats, blankets and tutus. The year the Chicago Blackhawks won the stanley cup, I couldn’t knit fast enough.


That’s why i have the bucket list goal #10 Knit booties and slippers in every current NHL team. I mean I got to be fair to every team and their fans right?

Parents love to see their babies in team colors and booties are quick to make so, that’s why I’m starting there. However, I would like to eventually expand this to offer ready to ship tutus, blankets, adult hat and scarf sets and maybe one day sweaters. I know, I know , I have big dreams but, I’m going to start small(ish).1043898_471609726265028_201067638_n

I’m thinking baby sneakers and smuggs to start and according to google their is 30 teams. I’ll start first with the sneakers and do them in 0-6 month size first. Then move on to other sizes and styles.

I thought about knitting the teams in alphabetical order or from geographical location, west coast to east coast.

I don’t know how exactly I will go about it but, I’m going to start it all off with the Calgary flames. I suppose if i had to pick a team it would be them. I’m originally from Red Deer, Alberta and have great memories of Calgary and walking the red mile. Also, they are in the playoffs right now, although I think they are losing?

Anyway after the Calgary pair is finished I’m going to leave it up to you guys. Comment on my blog and let me know who your favorite NHL team is. The team most commented on  will get their team color booties next. AND how about  I give a pair of slippers away?

Comment  either through facebook or on the blog itself with your favorite NHL team and I will do a random drawing from all comments on May 12th, 2015 and be announce the winner via the blog.

So please comment and let me know your favorite NHL team and as always thanks for reading.


P.s. Don’t forget to share this post and let others know about their chance to get some free slippers 🙂

5 thoughts on “Knitting for Hockey Fans

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