A Weekend of Frogging. Rip it, Rip it, Rip it.

I had big plans for my weekend. Spring cleaning and knitting. I had it all planned out, knit a bit, clean a bit, knit some more. Repeat as many time as needed.

I started of my Saturday knitting the Mara shawl. I knit for about 2 hours and then decided it was probably time to start the cleaning.  I put the shawl back in its allotted bag but not before, I admired my work a little. As I looked carefully at the shawl  I realized my center stitch marker had moved and my yarn over eyelets were no longer in line but, were one stitch off from where they should be.

I shrugged it off, it won’t bother me I told myself. Nobody will notice. I then went on my merry way to start tearing my house apart and clean like a mad woman.

In the next hour, I went from “it won’t bother me” to “it really really bothers me.”  With my house in shambles I sat down and ripped all my previous work out. Then I cleaned some more. Kinda

A few hours later,my house was still messy but, I was back where I started.
I decided it was time to put it away for the weekend. I don’t want to see until next Saturday. Maybe then I’ll be over this little mishap.

On Sunday, I started on my moms sweater, (bucket list item#80)

I had this sweater half knit but, I wasn’t happy with it. My mom bought me the yarn, (Sublime extra fine merino wool dk) and the pattern ( Polly) when I went to visit my parents in Ottawa, in 2012.  I started the sweater while I was there but, a few weeks after I got home, the new project high wore off. I got stuck and super confused about the raglan shaping and just decided to put it away for a bit. And by a bit, I mean 3 years.

I know a lot more about knitting now. I understand raglan shaping and am confident this time I can complete it without any confusion.

I ripped out all my previous work and started over. I knit 4 rows of the back piece when I realized the ribbing was suppose to be 1X1 and I was knitting 2×2 so, I ripped it out again.

I felt like I  didn’t get I very far this weekend  but, thats okay.  I forgot how much I  really do love this yarn. Its so amazingly soft. I think the sweater is going to be beautiful.

Here’s what it suppose to look like when its done.  You can purchase the pattern and yarns here.

Now, that the weekend is over its back to “work kniting” .  Green and black slippers and my herringbone scarf are on the agenda for this week. Oh, and finish the spring cleaning…

Thanks for reading!


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