31 Days To Organized Knitting… week one

Last week, I mentioned I was was using the webs blog post on 31 days to organized knitting to help get my knitting and myself a little more organized.

I’m currently a few days behind ( I’m on day 5) but, I thought I would share my progress.

Day 2: WIPs (work in progress)… hunt them all down And decide to frog it( rip it out) or keep it.

Here’s a list of my Current WIPs and their fate.

  1. Car sock( keep)
  2. Shawl (keep)
  3. Yellow sweater (keep)
  4. Pink sweater ( put away)
  5. Baby blanket squares (keep) oldest project 2009
  6. Dr who blanket ( keep and find the rest the sqaures)
  7. Moms sweater (frog and restart)
  8. 400 stitches blanket (keep)
  9. Blue scarf( keep)
  10. Green and black slippers (keep)
  11. Pink fuzzy blanket (frogged).

The funny thing about this list is that some of these projects are actually done, like the pink baby sweater; it was actually a learning/test  project . And some of the projects are 80 to 90% finished.

I actually have a bucket list goal is to keep my WIP’s down to 5 and since two of these projects are gone.(the  blanket I ripped out cause I hated it and the pink sweater i put in the closet for reference.) That means I’m down to 9.  1 pair of socks, 1 shawl, 1 pair of slippers, 1 scarf, 2 sweaters and 3 blankets. oh my…

Day 3 has tips for wip’s

I really liked the suggestions about how to keep things organized and on track.

I wrote out index cards for my WIPs and recorded where I was in the pattern, which pattern and yarn I was using, and what I needed to do next. It most cases, the next step  was to order more yarn. Rough life.

Day 4 is all about storing.

I have put the smaller WIPs in big ziploc bags and the bigger ones in bag/totes. I then put them in my bedroom in a pink bin.
My work knitting is in the blue bag and my weekend projects are in pink bin.

Day 5 – add WIPs to Raverly!

Done and done. I just need to add some pictures but I’ll add those as I work on projects.

Right now, I am focusing on the green and black slippers and the shawl. I will run out  of yarn this weekend for the shawl and the new skeins won’t be here for a few weeks. That means I will probably start on my moms sweater. (Bucket list item #80)

Tomorrow I’m going to be trying to catch up and work on days 6&7 which is all about that yarn stash. Eek!!!

Thanks for reading!


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