Hey Ryan gosling, how come come your memes describe my life?!?!

You know those Ryan Gosling Hey girl! Memes? I get a massive laugh out of them . Today I figured I would share my favorite ones that have to do with knitting , crocheting and general crafting.









These literally are exactly my life, mr. Smashlee did step on a needle once, but he didn’t say “hey, girl” when it happened. There is yarn and projects all over my kitchen table. If I need help with products photos taken can mr. Smashlee can be bribed to help me out . And  every once in a while he reads my blog and actually tells me he likes it. So, although he’s not Ryan gosling I suppose I’ll keep him around. I should pick the needles up off the floor though…. And maybe one day clear the kitchen table off.

Thanks for reading.



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