Has anyone seen my crochet hook???

Travelling when your a knitter takes a lot of pre-planning. It’s almost worse then trying to get the mini’s organized for a weekend away.

My biggest fear is running out yarn, running out projects and not having the right needle size. There is not always a yarn store to just run into if i forget something because, the Smashlee family sometimes travels to tiny tiny towns with no knitting shops around.

I’ve never had a problem because, I usually bring way too much knitting stuff. When I was packing for our weekend away on Friday, I was trying to take less. I was only packing what I needed.

this was my packing list.

– sock knitting project (for car knitting only)

– scarf from Knitting for good- herringbone scarf

– Green slippers for customers.

– shawl for my weekend project.

the socks I knit happily in the car on Saturday.

I had big plans for Saturday afternoon/night to start on my shawl. I wanted to knit the Mara shawl from my pinterest post but, my chosen yarn was not DK weight. I am a big fan of knitting the pattern with the recommended yarn. It just gives me warm fuzzies inside. So, because I didn’t have the yarn, I would put the mara shawl on the back burner and knit it once I ordered the recommended yarn.

I decided I would search on Ravelry for Red Heart Unforgetttable yarn and found a shawl pattern that I would use called the unforgettable shawl. Its a crochet pattern but, luckily I had a random crochet hook in my bag and it was exactly the right size.

I crocheted away nicely most of Saturday but, mini-he didn’t want to sleep that night so, I put the shawl down and tended to my lovely son. However, this lovely son of mine decided that it would be funny to take mommy’s crochet hook and hide it. Once I finally got him to bed I was too tired to look for the crochet hook so I went to sleep.  I mean, how hard would be to find in the morning? he’s just 1.5 years old, I know all his tricks…or so i thought….

The next morning, I spent literally the entire day looking for the crochet hook. by 7pm I gave up and took out the 10 rows or so I had done and decided to cast on the mara shawl anyway.

It was agonizing decision…

I thought about just  knitting the sock but, that’s just my car project. i would have nothing to knit on the way home.

I thought about knitting the blue scarf, but I forgot the pattern.

I thought about starting on the green slippers but, that’s work knitting and is only done from Monday-Friday.

so, it was either rip out the shawl and start again or just don’t knit. All in all, I kinda feel I wasted my weekend. I was not an organized knitter and my planning did not work out the way I wanted.

last night before bed I manged to knit a bit on the shawl. I’m loving it and i promised myself, the next shawl will be knit with the recommended yarn. Madelinetosh dk,.


the mara shawl using red heart unforgettable yarn
but, Lesson learned…always, always always pack more knitting than you need.

Thanks for reading,


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