Another Bucket List Item All Done! 

I’ve mentioned this before but, I listen to a lot of podcasts and audiobooks. I have a schedule that I follow (I won’t bore you with it) but, it helps me break up day between house work and knitting. For one hour, one chapter or one episode I will knit, then I switch to a different book or podcast and start cleaning for the next hour. It keeps me sane and I’d like to think it’s making me smarter. It also kills my phone battery really really fast.


podcast listening
Today, I went to download an episode of the knit picks podcast and realized I’ve listened to all 250 episodes.

This means two things.

1. I need to find a new knitting podcast to listen to 


2. I completed another bucket list item. #51. Listen to all the knit picks podcasts.

I’ve already picked my next podcast to listen to which is never not knitting . So far there are 89 espiodes. I’m excited to start tomorrow

As for the knit picks podcast,  I have now  to wait for new episodes to come out but, I figured in celebration of another item crossed off my bucket list, I would list my top 5 favorite knit picks episodes.

  1. Episode 2 – the desert island. If you were stranded on an island what knitting supplies would most want with you.
  2. Episode 65 – with Cheryl brunette Sweater 101.  We all know I love Cheryl so this had to make this list.
  3. Episode 126- the independent designer program. This is when they first started up the IDP program for designers from everywhere to submit their patterns to knit picks. I love this idea and hope one day I can design something knit picks worthy.
  4. Episode 161 – stitch dictionary secrets revealed 
  5. Episode 250 – the fit show  this episode explains negative and positive ease.

These knit picks episodes have really changed me as a knitter. It has expanded my thinking and has dared me to try new things with my knitting.

Before I listened I had no idea about Ravelry, who Kelley Petkun was or why socks make the best travel knitting.

What podcasts do you listen to? Feel free to comment below and let me know.
Bucket list items completed :9

Left to complete : 91

Thanks for reading,



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