mom, teach me to knit!

Today, I was knitting a pair of mukluks on my bed when the mini me came running into my room.

“Mom! Teach me!”

“Teach you what?”

” I wanna knit.”

I was trying to seem calm but, inside I was freaking out! I don’t know how to teach her to knit! I can teach an adult but, a four year old is a whole different ballgame. 

So I did what any rational person would do and I Immediately, passed her my needles. Slippers and all. 

I just let her play. Worse case I would take it all out and start again.

I don’t want to fustrate her or myself so after a few minutes . I made it kind of a game. Showing her how the needles make an “X” and so on. The.  I sat her on my lap and told her to hold my hands. That way I she can knit without really knitting.

“No mom. I want to go round and round and round like you do. I want to do it by myself.”

Umm. Okay.  So, I grabbed some random needles and blue yarn ( her favorite colour) and a bag. I explained these were her knitting things. We would keep them in her knitting bag and whenever she want to knit she can grab her bag and come sit beside me.

I realize this may not last. She may hate knitting tomorrow.That’s okay. I’ll take what I can get. However as of today , in her mind,  she’s knitting a hat.

So, here’s my question… How do you teach a kid to knit? More specifically, a left handed, 4 year old? 

 What would you do? Let her play or try and actually teach her, and if so how?

Comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!



4 thoughts on “mom, teach me to knit!

  1. Well I may not be a 4 year old, but I am left handed! I taught myself with a Klutz knitting kit I got for my birthday in I want to say 8th grade. All the directions were for right handed knitting (just like every instructional book ever), so I learn to knit right handed. While at this point in my knitting, I feel like I could knit faster if I were to knit left handed, I don’t remember it being overwhelmingly frustrating to learn right handed, and knitting is the ONLY thing I can do “right handed.”

    So I say go ahead and show her the way you knit. It will likely be easier for her starting out if she can do it the same way she sees you doing it!


    1. Thanks for the tips! I will teach her right hand knitting for sure. I think you are right and it will easier in the long run since, I knit right handed. I can’t even begin to comprehend how to knit left handed. I wonder why they never write patterns or instructions for left handed knitter’s… Hmm


  2. Cast on for her, and teach her how to make the knit stitch. There’s a little rhyme out there- I came across it once. Something about in the door and out the window… it may sound silly, but it will help her remember the steps. Look it up. But basically I think she can do it, just keep it really simple.

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