organized knitting 

Last week I came across a blog by webs yarn store called 31 days to get organized. It’s a post from all the way back in 2013 but, after a quick glance at it, I decided I’m in. I need to do this! 

I’m totally searching for ways to organize my needles and yarn that is somewhat kid proof and that is easy enough for someone like me to follow. I also like plans and this is a month long step by step process. Perfect!

I’ll be blogging about my progress a couple of times a week as this totally coincides with my Raverly stash organization.

Day one consists of a list of what’s working for me and what’s not with my knitting and yarn organization.

The what’s working for me list is  very short because not much is actually working for me.

I like that my yarn in stored in tubs as it’s safe from the mini-he and his curious fingers;But, I may want it smaller tubs , sorted by fibre and weight. 

I went through a big purge of my knitting stuff a few months ago. Out with the straight meddles and patterns  I didn’t like. So what I am left with is stuff I use regularly and/or love. The yarn stash will eventually be gone but, first I have to knit all of that away.

Mostly what I want to change is that, I need to find a visually appealing and funcitional way to store my circular and double point needles. I need to be able to see what size and length they are. 

Almost all needles (with the exception of straight needles and some more expensive circular needles) the sizes aren’t printed on the needles, instead they are just labeled on the package which is not something I keep.

So to give a straight forward answer to the second part of the assigniment for today; I want my needles organized and accessible and I want my yarn stash organized and recorded on Raverly.

Everything else, which is basically just patterns and buttons and other notions are pretty much organized. I don’t use these items everyday but, they could be fine tuned and tided.

If you have suggestion on the best way to organize my needle collection please comment and let me know. I need ideas!! 

Thanks for reading!!!



5 thoughts on “organized knitting 

  1. Glad you found our organizing blog posts. Sounds like you need a system for your circs where you’re able to keep different sizes separated. Also key to finding a storage solution that will work for you long-term, it should be a system that easy for you to put needles away once you’re done with them. It’s the needle pile-up that we continue to struggle with when we get busy.

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