and may I now present, Smashlee’s Pink Sweater…

I woke up Saturday morning and grabbed the pink sweater. I had to take out the seams from the previous weekend because well, they sucked.

I thought I would give the mattress stitch one more go and if I couldn’t get it right I would find an alternative.

Well, the seaming fairy must have visited me durning the night because, all of the sudden I was doing the mattress stitch pretty good.  In fact, by Saturday afternoon the sweater was fully completed.

Sunday morning. It had a bath.  

Then I blocked it.


I never really understood blocking and its importance in how the garment looks and feels, until now.

I was so-so about the sweater piror to blocking. I LOVED it after blocking.

Once it was finally dry , I tried it on even though it was +18 out.  Mission accomplished. I knit myself a sweater I love.

 This sweater has been quite an adventure.

First of, knit picks swish yarn is my new favorite. I honestly don’t want to knit with anything else. 

All the sweaters I have made previously have been from acrylic yarns and I will never go back to that.

The yarn is superwash merino wool. It took me about 8 skeins to finish my size of sweater. I was surprised by how light weight it is. Acrylic sweaters are heavy. It’s also crazy soft. I think it like wearing a big pink cloud.

  So, now that its done I have my mind thinking up all these crazy ideas for my next sweater.  Like maybe one just like this, in black but, the front has a big pink heart on the middle; or maybe a nice cabled cardigan in purple. Hmmm…

I think I can officially say this bucket list item can be crossed off. Yay!!!!!

Thanks so much for reading,


2 thoughts on “and may I now present, Smashlee’s Pink Sweater…

  1. Perhaps the next one could be knit in the round with faux side seams? This way you don’t have that much seaming to do, so it won’t sit there while you avoid it because you hate to seam?


    1. I love knitting sweaters in the round! I figured I’d challenge myself with one and give seaming a go. I am thinking the next one will be seamless though, as it is my preference. I usually make them from the bottom up but, I thinking maybe I should try top down instead. 🙂

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