I Suck.

So, if you read yesterday’s blog post, you’ll already know my pink sweater isn’t finished. All that is left to do, is to seam the sides and the arms. Seems pretty easy, right? Not for me. I have tried to seam it. I spent all day Sunday and very early Monday, attempting the mattress stitch. I seamed it and have taken out more time then I can count. This is the exact reason I usually knit my sweaters in a big circle and add ,decrease and pick up stitches to make the sleeves and such.

There is just somethings  I really suck at and the mattress stitch is one them.

I want to give up or I want to pay someone to seam it for me but, in the name of perfection and bucket list items #2  and item #100 , I must learn this.

I’m probably over thinking the whole mattress stitch thing. I kind of think of it like, parallel parking. I understand it in theory, but in reality it doesn’t go so well.

Speaking of driving, did you know I didn’t actively drive until this past year? I had/have massive aniexty around driving. I didn’t get my lisence until I was 27. I didn’t drive much until I was 30. ( I’m 30 and 1/2 right now).

I bring this up because I want to remind myself of all things I used to suck at. Mostly because, in order to continue on trying to earn the mattress stitch I need to know (as my mom would say) , this too shall pass.

So, In no particular order, here are 5 things I use to suck at.

  1. Driving. I still can’t drive stick shift in downtown Vancouver in middle of rush hour with kids screaming in the back seat but, I can drive to get groceries, the post office and playschool, without crying. This is progress.
  2. Knitting. I had such trouble learning. It took me 3 weeks just to get the yarn on the needles properly. It took me many months to really get the hang of knitting. I think I can safely say now,  I don’t suck at knitting.
  3. Tying my shoes. I didn’t learn till I was 6 or 7. I was the only kid in my second grade class that still had Velcro shoes. With the help of Dad, who wiped away all my tears of fustartion, I finally learned. 
  4. Being a mom – when the mini-me was born I spent the first three weeks of her life shell shocked. That’s when my mom told me “that this too shall pass.” Eventually, I learned to feed the mini-me, put her to sleep and change a diaper. I’m not a perfect Mom but, I’m better than when I started.
  5. Knitting socks   the picture says it all. I don’t know why the sock is so big, I don’t even know why I finished knitting it. obviously the thing is huge and wouldn’t even fit a basketball player. I think it measures at a 15″ sole or something. as you can see, I got better at it.

So, if I go by my past behaviour, I will eventually figure this out. Until then, words of encouragement and helpful tips are apperciated!

Thanks for reading!


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