Pinterest Inspiration: Knitted Sweater Dresses 

I’m one of those people.. I’m a huge fan of leggings. I don’t normally jump on trends but, the patterned leggings that you by at home parties , are my guilty pleasure!

You know what goes good with leggings? Knit sweater dresses. 

That’s what I spent this week looking at on Pinterest. Actually, it was a mixture of dresses and sweater dresses . Obviously, I wouldn’t wear all of these with leggings but, they are inspirational none the less. 

Maybe one day, when all my projects are done I can work on one of these. Who am I kidding? Is a knitter’s project list ever really empty?

Anyway, enjoy!

Grey dress pattern

 I totally wants to make this in a dark plum colour.  

Riding hooded sweater

This one is my favourite but, in true Smashlee style, the inner hood would be pink.

Still light tunic

For comfy days, but in black.

Dawn dress

Imagine this dress, in pink, but not just any pink. Hot pink. Yeah, you could spot me a mile away, but on the bright side, if I ever get lost I would be easily found! 

You can follow me on Pinterest and see all the other stuff I’m inspired by!

Thanks for reading!!


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