My top ten favorite knitting orders (and the stories behind them.)

Over the years I’ve knit a lot of stuff.  It’s not very often I actually take a step back and really look at what I’ve made. Usually ,an order is knit up and then sent to the customer within a day or two of me finishing it. This means,I don’t get a lot of time to admire the finished project before it’s on its way to a new home.

I’ve had some amazing ideas from customers. Often, these ideas become items I offer for sale or become a pattern design.

I thought in this blog post I would show you my top ten favorite items I have knit and tell you the stories behind how they came to be.

  1.  Storm trooper hat  This hat was made for my little brother who is a massive Star Wars fan. I think this particular hat was actually hat #2 . I need to make a new one evey few years, as he wears my creations everywhere!! The original hat was a Christmas present from 2010, that came with a matching scarf. This was he first time I ever did picture knitting.
  2.  Monster pillows  This was one of my very first custom orders. I love making these reversible pillows so much I swore I was going to make some for myself. Hasn’t happened yet but, I can honestly say I miss these pillows!
  3.   The first knitted tutu  Inspired by a dream I had one night, I designed, wrote and created this pattern. I wasn’t a fan of the ruffle scarves everyone wears and I wondered what else could that yarn be used for. This is the project I am probably most proud of. 
  4.   Multi-coloured tutu  About a year after I made the tutu pattern I got a custom order from an etsy customer. She wanted a tutu made for her little girl’s birthday party. It needed to be grey,purple and blue. There was no ruffle yarn that was all three of the colours so I order 3 separate balls and layered the colours every inch and half. I love the way it turned out.
  5.   Vancouver Canucks  bootiesThis was another custom order from the early days. Based on the Vancouver hockey team, these toddler booties were a big hit. They were sent to as a Christmas present to a family in New Zeland. I made an matching adult pair for the mom, and retro Vancouver Canucks pairs for the dad and son.   
  6. Retro Vancouver Canucks Slippers    When I knit team colours I find a Google image of the team Jersey and try to recreate it on a slipper, blanket or hat. Sometimes, I add the team emblem or Initials of person receiving the item.  
  7. The very first order to go to the UK.   I love the UK and when I got my first etsy order to the England I was so excited. These made the trip from BC ,Canada to Essex,England. A very thoughtful guy was buying them for his girlfriend’s birthday. He even measured the soles of her shoes, at home so I could make them exactly her size.
  8. C’s hat  I love making stuff for my friends. Here’s one of them sporting one of my brimmed hats. I made C pose in her hat so I could get some good pictures for my Etsy Store. She was the one who who actually encouraged me to start up a shop with Etsy. I told her I wasn’t good enough. She handed me a glass of wine and made me do it anyway. Thanks, C. For having faith and pushing me to do uncomfortable things. Turns out, you were right. I am good enough.
  9. Dr Suess baby hats  A local customer heard that I could knit hats. Her and her friend were having babies really close together and she wanted matching hats made. The best part of these hats were seeing them on! 
  10.  The first ever mukluks

this style of slipper is my best seller, but it all started with this pink pair. I gave them to my brother in law’s mom and she wore them out! Here is a the same pair made again 4 years later this time the are knit  with double soles and grippy bottoms and heading to the USA. 

It was so hard to choose my favorite projects because, I love everything I make. Each item reminds me a person, an event or a memory and I cherish them all. Knitting has caused me to go from shy little Ashlee to bad-ass knitter Smashlee.

To my all customers, friends and family , thank you for allowing me to knit my heart out.



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