Custom Orders, Ready to Ship Items and more

Smashlee Stitches is so much more than a blog. It’s my passion and it is based on my love for knitting and wanting to share it with the world. It all started by, me selling my knitting on Facebook and has grown from there. I used to do mostly custom orders for items like slippers, hats, tutus, and sweaters. On top of that, I also tried to keep some hand knit items in stock for those who didn’t want to wait for a custom order.

Hey! It’s me,  Smashlee

When my mini-he was born, and throughout the last year and a half, I’ve slowed down on the custom and ready to ship orders. Simply because, I didn’t have as much time in the day. It was a welcome break. During, that time period I got into designing and writing patterns & blogging.  This took Smashlee Stitches in a new direction that was geared more towards knitters and crafters.

Now that the minis are growing more independent, (and I’m getting more sleep. ) I’m looking to take Smashlee Stitches to a new level . I want to provide both hand knit items to purchase and offer products for knitters, such as patterns , instructional videos etc. Basically I’m creating the best of both worlds.

the mini-he

I know this can be a bit confusing so, let me take his time to explain as best I can what you as a customer or as knitter can get from Smashlee Stitches.

If your looking to get something handmade from me you can go about with either a custom made or ready to ship item.

if your looking to order a custom order you can contact me though

  • my Facebook fan page and send me a message.
  • Email
  • Go to my etsy shop and send me a message throughetsy conversations.

    a custom order ernie sweater

Here’s some thing to note when ordering custom orders.

  • Wait times can range from 2-8 weeks. I’m wear many hats including knitter, etsy shop owner, mommy, wife, cook etc. so please note, I love understanding customers!
  • My busiest time is from October to February. If your order is needed for Halloween or Christmas please contact me to see my wait times for that time period.
  • I pretty much can and will knit anything so, suggestions are always welcome. You can always browse my Facebook page and check out the photos of items I have made previously.

Ready to ship items are currently offered on my Facebook ready to ship album and on my etsy page.

These items are pre-made and ready to go to a loving home. To order these items you can purchase through the etsy listing or send me a message through Facebook.

If you love a ready to ship item but it’s not the right size or colour, contact me to see if I can make your item in a custom order.

Here’s some other things to note:

  • Payments are accepted through PayPal, e-transfer, cash and cheque. Credit cards are accepted through Etsy only.
  •  If ordering through etsy pre payment of your item is required by the site. If you would prefer to wait until your item is made please order though email or a Facebook. I do not require deposits unless your item is a large project  ( ie. Blanket or sweater). Once your item is made, full payment is required before it is shipped out.
  • I do offer refunds & exchanges but, the terms vary depending on the circumstances. I am willing to work with you to get an item that is exactly what you want and fits properly.
Pink & Camouflage baby Uggs
Pink & Camouflage baby booties

I’m all over social media,so, depending on what you’re looking for, you can check out these links

Facebook- Smashlee stitches

This will have a  bit of everything from hand knit items to purchase, Etsy coupon codes, links to my blog posts And I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes stuff about my process and the stories behind what I’m knitting.

Twitter – @ashleelackovic follow me if you’re a crafter, knitter or crocheter. I tweet about my blog, my process and connect with other knitters.

Instagram– see previews of items for sale and behind the scenes photos.

Pinterest- see where my inspiration comes from.

Craftsy– a way to get Smashlee Stitches knitting patterns

Etsy- how you can order custom and ready to ship items as well as knitting patterns .

Ravelry- see what patterns I’m currently working on, what’s in my stash, and you can also purchase my original patterns.

Linked in- see the business side of Smashlee Stitches

You tube- coming soon with Knitting how tos and tutorials.

Blog- find out more about me, what I do and read my ramblings about knitting.

My website– working on a new design but, it will be grand central station. With links to all the above.

Whew that’s a lot! As you can tell, I’m trying to offer something for everyone from the non-knitter to the die hard crafters.

My main goal and dream is to make an impact with my knitting. One stitch at a time! And I hope whether it’s a custom made sweater, a blog post,a tweet or a pin ,you are able to feel inspired as I share my passion and love.

Thank you all for taking reading!

Your love and support means the world!


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