It’s All About The Pink Sweater

Ahh, this weekend was amazing!!! Thanks to some help from Mr. Smashlee I was able to spent almost all of my entire weekend knitting. 

Obviously, it was Easter weekend and I have minis so, I did spent some quality time hiding chocolate and such. Aside from that however, I was blissfully locked in my bedroom, knitting my heart out with pink yarn. 

Oddly enough, the dishes and laundry somehow (mostly) got done by the other adult residing in the house. Actually, I’m starting to think Mr. Smashlee is up to something. Or he could just really really really want to see me in this sweater. I know, it’s doubtful he cares about pink sweaters that much but, until he reveals his true motives I will continue to entertain this idea.

After my last post I got some really good responses on what I should do with my knitting dilemma.  You see, I have rules for my knitting . Knit for customers Monday to Friday. Knit for myself and family on weekends. I really wanted to start my sweater this past Wednesday but, I felt guilty for breaking the rules.

There was a lot of encouragement to “break the rules” and knit the sweater. And I was so so so close in following through with those suggestions. However, I held strong. 

One of my readers, suggested I take Friday and Monday off as it was a holiday weekend. Therefore, I would work on the sweater for 4 whole days.

This made a lot of sense to me. However, I decided I would work on the sweater from Friday to Sunday. 

First thing I did Friday morning was knit a gauge swatch. I measured it, calculated my pattern, washed it, dried it , measured it again and the finally cast on.


 Then I knit, and knit , and knit some more.

Today, being Monday , I put the sweater down and started my “work” knitting.

It was hard to put this project back in the knitting bag . I love knitting it, I love the yarn and it’s so close to being done.

All it needs is one more sleeve, the sides need to seamed and it will need to be blocked. I already know, it going to fit me exactly the way I want.


Mostly, I consider this a lesson in self control. I very much look forward to next Saturday morning when I pick up the needles and start on that last sleeve. I want the experience to be guilt free and I don’t want to neglect my other knitting. I made the rules, I might as well enforce them.

I have a lot to keep my distracted until Saturday. Like some slippers, a blanket, a hat and a tutu. But the countdown is on, only 5 more sleeps to go!

Thanks for reading!!!


One thought on “It’s All About The Pink Sweater

  1. I completely understand what you mean about guilt. Sometimes I cave and knit when I should be felting, and although I’m satisfying a craving, I don’t feel as happy as when I’m doing it at the “right” time. Good for you, now this sweater will only give you nice memories!

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