Letter to my 20 year old self

Right now I’m reading ( and reviewing ) the book Knitting For Good by Betsy Greer.

Last week I wrote a post talking about my thoughts on chapter one. At the end of each chapter the author asked some thought provoking questions to help you reflect on the impact knitting has on your world . At the end of chapter one, she asks what the you of ten years ago, would think about your current interest in knitting.

So, I’m going to answer that question, below . you will see a in letter to 20 year old Smashlee from the Smashlee of today. Please enjoy.


Dear twenty year old Smashlee,

Yup, that’s the name of your knitting alter ego. people call you Smashlee, I know it’s a little out there but, trust me your going to learn to love it.

What’s that? Yeah, you knit. Actually, you knit a lot. You are kind of obsessed. Why did you start? I think boredom, although it was over 5 years ago now and I honestly don’t remeber the exact reason. You don’t live in the city anymore, in fact you live in a small town. I don’t want to spoil much about your life but, I will say this, you’ve learned a lot in the past ten years.

Here’s some of highlights…

  • You learned that knitting is not just for grandmas. It is geeky but, in a good way, and you even tried to teach your mom once.
  • Don’t worry you still love pink, and you blog about your love for pink yarn a lot. Ya, that’s right you have a blog. oh and also a website , Facebook fan page, Twitter account , Instagram account and etsy shop.  Confused? It’s called social media… It’s awesome but, can be annoying too. You basically talk all day on the Internet about knitting.
  • In the five years you’ve been knitting you learned so much. You never do go to college to become a physchologist or accountant But , you do learn some awesome life skills from knitting. These include but are not limited to, how to run a business, how to be slightly more co-ordinated and slightly less clumsy. How to knit without looking , how to stand up for yourself, how to calm anxiety, how to cure boredom and how to be happy about really long car trips and really long movies.
  • You also experience extreme amounts of fustration, anger, tears,disappointment and fear. all a direct result of knitting but, you love doing  it so much you carry on despite these misfortunes.
  • There’s a bunch of other people who love knitting as much as you do. You aren’t alone. And you will meet and interact with some amazing people. 

My main point is be open to be open to the opportunities that present themselves in the next few years. They will lead you to some wonderful amazing and creative places.


 don’t roll your eyes at me… you really do knit

I should also tell you before I go, that the world never ends in 2012 so, listen to your parents and stop worrying about it!

Enjoy the ride and see you in the future,


P.s. Being 30 is actually pretty awesome .


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