It’s here… It’s pink… And it’s all mine!!!!!

This afternoon I got a wonderful surprise. Mr. Smashlee was loading the mini-he in his car seat and as usual I was 5 minutes behind him. I was gathering the shopping list, making sure my sock yarn was in my purse and grabbing sippy cups. The front door was open and I could here Mr. Smashlee talking to someone outside. I thought nothing of it and countined to gather everything we needed.

We were picking mini-me up from preschool and then going grocery shopping ( 45 min trip 1 way) .  As I walked out the front door, on the step, waiting for me was a box. A KnitPicks box. A KnitPicks box filled with pink yarn!!

yarn porn… hello, my pretties

I looked at Mr. Smashlee  “Do you know what this is?!”

” um… Yarn.. That’s why I left it on the step. Your probably going to open it in the car. ”

Yup.. I am.. I had it opened before we left the driveway.

You see, Mr. Smashlee HATES when I open mail in the car, he also hates when I make a mess in the car. He just spent this past week cleaning the car inside and out so, It’s a big deal if I get to open my yarn mail in the car.

This is why I married him. He understands. Or he’s been reading my blog and simply cannot wait to see me in hot pink sweater. Either way, I’ll probably buy him beer tonight…

I kinda have a dilemma though. I wasn’t expecting my yarn till tomorrow. I’m trying very hard to be an organized well rounded knitter. I made a new rule that I knit for my Etsy shop Monday to Friday. I knit for myself on the weekends. It’s Wednesday and I have a baby blanket on the go. It’s not a custom order, it’s just a blanket I will sell when it’s done.

I was going to go the post office tomorrow afternoon, just before it closed, to grab my yarn. That way, I was only going to have 1.25 days to wait to play with it. Now I have to wait 2.5 days…

What do I do? What would you do??

Option 1. Cast on sweater and knit until Monday then work on baby blanket next week. Completely, breaking my own rules.


Option 2. Follow the rules, finish the blanket and cast on my sweater Saturday morning. This means I have self control and am an organized knitter.

Comment on my blog and help me decide.. What would you do???




5 thoughts on “It’s here… It’s pink… And it’s all mine!!!!!

  1. Sandra

    I would cast on the stitches and knit a few rows, then I would put it down and finish the baby blanket. After all, rules are made to be broken….aren’t they…lol


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