Knit Slippers Inspiration From Pinterest 

Today as I was going through Pinterest for inspiration I can across some awesome slipper patterns.

If you have ever been on my etsy shop or Facebook page you will see I knit a ton of slippers. It’s my top requested item from customers. I’ve adapted patterns over the years to add double soles and grippy bottoms. This make slippers last a long time and become non-slip. 

grippy bottom mukluks from Smashlee Stitches

Eventually I want to move on to creating outdoor shoes or fall boots. I’m still designing and dreaming and researching this. And hoping one day to create my very own shoe line.

But, back to slippers. The next 5 Pinterest links are what I’ve been thinking my next slipper projects. 

1.  Converse sneakers


I’ve been looking for a pattern forever for these and its appears I have now found one.

2. Mary Janes


I used to make baby pairs of these but. I’m totally digging huge adult pair!

3. Crochet Boots


I’ve actually tried to make these a few times and working on getting the pattern right. Totally want to have a pink pair!

4. Mens zippered slippers


I’m always needing new slipper ideas for guys. I love that these have zippers!

5. Cozy slippers for mommy and me 


I can totally see the mini and I with a pair of these each

Do you have a favorite knit or crochet pattern? Comment and below and let me know! 


One thought on “Knit Slippers Inspiration From Pinterest 

  1. Bella

    i love Pinterest for inspiration! I’m also a big fan of Ravelry too (patterns are especially easy to buy with PayPal… Maybe too easy! Haha)


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