Knitting Bucket List – item #78 Socks

 78. Only have knit socks in my drawer…no more store bought.

I’ve knit a few pairs of socks over the last 5 years. Socks patterns are complicated enough to keep me interested but, not so hard that I get frustrated by them. Socks are one of my favourite items to make. This probably doesn’t surprise anyone but, none of the handful or so pairs I’ve made have been for me.

I’ve heard amazing things about how luxurious is to wear hand knit socks. Apparently, once you get a good fitting pair of sock made from some great sock yarn, you can never go back to cheap Walmart socks. 

In a perfect world, all I own are knitted socks. They would be nicely organized in my sock drawer. When I open this  drawer a rainbow of colours greet me and I smile as I start my day. My feet would be so happy being wrapped in luxurious fibre. Ah, I love the thought!

There is an older episode of the knit picks podcast that had to do with sock knitting.

Episode #177 if anyone is interested) the host Kelley talks about how socks make a perfect travelling knitting project. I often ponder this idea of this,It’s a small, portable,fun project.

I live in a small town and my family does a fair amount of driving. Grocery shopping is half an hour away. Wal-mart sock shopping is two hours away.  Yarn shopping 3 hours away. You get the idea. I’m usually not the one driving so I get a lot of knitting time in the car. 

When we are preparing to go on one of these trips It always annoys Mr. Smashlee that it takes me 15-30 minutes to get all my knitting projects ready to go. I have to plan what I’m going to knit and I usually carry a back up project just in case I finish the first one. 

Mr. Smashlee will get the minis ready and load them in the car. He will sigh occasionally while I scramble to find my yarn, needles and knitting notions, promising I’ll help with kids and be outside in just a moment.

Once in the car the mess I leave behind with my numerous bags embarrassing. Not to mention the numerous times  I’ve gotten out of the car with yarn wrapped around my leg or closed my car only to find my actual knitting is hanging out of car.

Nobody likes a grumpy husband and I can kind of see his point so I’ve decided to give the sock knitting in the car a try.

The rule is that it doesn’t matter what I am working on , the only project I will bring travelling is socks. I simply just pop the yarn and my circulars needles  in my purse and I’m ready to go. No sighing, no grumpiness, no mess.

My patterns are all on my iPhone in iBooks so the only extra thing I pack is a pair is scissors, a tapestry needle and some stitch markers. This is all kept in a pencil case in my purse.

Initially, All these socks I was going to knit we’re going to put on my etsy store.  However, as I started to knit I decided it’s time to stop dreaming and finally make a pair for myself.  Yesterday, I finished my first pair. Today, I wore them. The rumours are true. Knit socks are amazing!


I’ve now decided to be a little selfish and knit myself a few more pairs. I’ll be alternating between making a pair for sale and making a pair for myself. 

That way i can work towards my dream of a rainbow sock drawer but, I won’t have so many pairs that I become a sock hoarder. 

You know what though? I’m pretty sure Mr. Smashlee hasn’t noticed I turned over a new leaf with my car knitting. That’s okay though, he has been less grumpy as we leave the house, so that’s good enough for me.

Thanks for reading!


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