My Mommy made that, Don’t Touch It!

My mini-me has never been that interested in my knitting. I’ve been a knitter since before she was born and being surrounded by yarn is really all she has ever known.

Not that I expect her to pick up some needles and beg me to teach her, she is only 4 after all . What I really wanted was for her not to cry when I gave her my latest creation. 

She doesn’t like change and it takes some coaxing and chocolate to get her to at least try it on.

Usually, after a few months she will warm up to the item and wear it everywhere until it’s worn out or doesn’t fit. Then I knit her something else and the process starts all over again.

I was thinking about this as I was knitting her a new blue hat. The hat was a really quick knit and I had it done in a matter of an few hours. Aimed with a chocolate bar I presented it to her. She didn’t cry, just put it on  and said “no pictures mom, okay?”. 

I was a little shocked as she wore the next day to school without an issue.

Fast forward a month, and we were visiting family.Mini-me’s hat was lying around and her 2 year old cousin grabbed it and put it on.

All hell broke lose. Before I could intervene a toddler fight broke out and mini-me snatched  it off her cousin’s head and screamed “my mommy made that! Don’t touch it!”

I wanted to parent properly then, I really did. There should have been a time out but, I was too proud. 

She likes it. She really likes it!!! I just hugged her and promised her cousin her very own hat.

Is it just toddler possessiveness? Probably, but, I’ll take it! I’m very aware that she is growing up all too fast and my knitted gifts will soon be too embarrassing to wear. In the end, I hope my knitting makes a Positive impact in her life. She doesn’t ever have to pick up needles if she doesn’t want to. Mostly, I just want to show her if you try hard enough and put enough hours in you can make something beautiful and achieve anything.

For now though, she wears her hat proudly and asked me to knit her a pair of slippers to match. And look at that, she even wanted me to take a picture.


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Thanks for reading!



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