Knitting For Good 

When I first open the Knitting for Good cover I instantly saw a quote from one of my favourite knitters, the one and only Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The quote is from Elizabeth’s book Knitting Without Tears and I know instantly without turning another page Betsy Greer and I are of the same mindset. Knitting is her passion , her obbession and her job. This book already fills me with joy. 

Knitting for Good was published in 2008. It’s official title is Knititing for Good : a guide to creating personal, social and political change, stitch by stitch.

 The author Betsy Greer is discussing something I don’t think many knitters have thought about before; what impact is our knitting making? how we can use our craft to enhance our own lives, benefit others and just generally make the world a better place?  

When I first saw this book I thought I made be in for a lesson on using fair trade wool vs. mass produced yarn  but, by reading the introduction it’s safe to say I missed the mark. This book appears to be so much more then just about the environmental impact of knitting. She hints at the calming effect knitting can bring to our minds, and how we can help various charities and people in need by knitting a hat or two.

I will be going through the book thoroughly and completing the 9 patterns with the recommended yarn choices. There is a variety of projects ranging from scarves to dog beds but, each pattern has a purpose. The proceeds from these projects I complete or the item itself will  donated to the charities listed in the book. Each pattern features a different designer, so I’m excited to see what possibilities this book will bring.

Another great feature of this book are the bonus action items that I will be partaking in as well. They involve a little bit of self reflection and some suggestions on how we can use knitting to brighten the lives of of people all around the world.

If you would like to knit along with me I urge you to purchase your own copy of knitting for good. I can already tell this book is going to change the way I see my craft am I so excited to share my thoughts and experiences with my readers.

Please check back often to see my progress by subscribing to my blog.

Thank you for so much for reading.


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