The Best of Knitting On YouTube

We live in a world where you can pretty much learn anything you want. With the internet we have all the information we could ever need with a simple Google search.

Knitting is no exception. Most of what I have learned has been self taught and came from either a book or the internet. That’s not to say a traditional knitting class at your local yarn store is obsolete. There is something about learning one on one with a knitting instructor that can’t be replaced by a computer. However, you certainly can use the internet to enhance your skills.

Over the last year my flavour of choice has been YouTube. There are some amazing knitting teachers out there who are ready to teach you anything you need to know.  I often find myself running into a knitting related problem or question and with a quick search I can find the answer.

This blog post is going to focus on my 3 favourite YouTube knitting channels and I’ll highlight my favourite playlist from each.

  • Knit Picks – The first time I laid my eyes on a knit picks catalog I was instantly inspired. Knit picks is a family run company that prides themselves on luxury affordable yarn. They have amazing products, amazing customer service and an equally amazing YouTube channel.

My favourite knitting videos on their channel are the “behind the scenes” videos. These videos are only a few minutes in length . They show you how they do photo shoots for their yarn lines and patterns. They don’t have these videos together in a playlist but, if you want to check them out here are the names of a few of them Heartwood by Knitpicks , Burnished  by Knit picks and behind the scenes of Creature Comforts .

My favourite playlist from her meet your bond series. I was always against knitting machines. I thought it was “cheating”  but, after watching the videos I changed my mind. There’s a certain skill-set and flair when using a knitting machine .  Cheryl walks you through an “elf sweater” to help you learn your machine. If your all about the hand knitting she’s got plenty of videos to help as well. Her sweater playlist  is one of my favourites.

  • VeryPink Knits – Staci is so fun to watch. The first video I ever saw had to do with seaming blanket squares. She is very professional and knowledgeable. She spends a ton of time preparing for her videos and often shows 3 or 4 sample swatches in a variety of yarns and needle sizes.

My favourite playlist of very pink knits is her toe up socks.  It compliments a pattern you can purchase from her site. In the video series she walks you through a pair of worsted weight socks. I’m working on my own pair right now. I’ll be sure to show them off when I’m done. As a bonus, check out her fancy stitch series.  These beautiful swatches will make you wanting to cast on and keep you up all night planning new projects.

There is so many great videos out there for knitters to explore. If you have a favourite YouTube knitting channel please feel free to comment on this post and let me know who you  recommend.

As always you can get more Smashlee stitches at Facebook, Twitter and Ravelry.

Thank you for reading.


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