A Sweater For Me – A Knitting Bucket List Post

I rarely knit for myself. Why is that?  Every single project I have made for me has ended up in a box, in my closet, where the bad knitting projects go.

It’s like I’m my worst customer. Nothing is good enough, it either doesn’t fit right, look right, or is the wrong colour. I actually wonder sometimes if I do this on purpose, subconsciously of course. Probably has something to do with not feeling worthy enough or being a perfectionist.

Regardless, I’ve decided enough is enough and its time to make something for me that I will LOVE and that I will wear.

I was reading my knitting bucket list again the other day and saw that item #2 ( knitting myself a sweater)  is next on the list, begging to be crossed off.

I often dream of sitting down with a few skeins of hot pink yarn and knit myself that sweater I have always wanted.

I have searched Ravelry like crazy over the last few months trying to find just the right yarn and pattern but, I haven’t had much success. Until last week.

I love to watch YouTube videos on knitting and  I came across someone absolutely wonderful. Her name is Cheryl Brunette and she is the author of Sweater 101.

I  have absolutely fallen in love with her process of knitting a custom sweater that fits.

She has videos all the way back from the 80s which, I find absolutely fascinating. Her style of teaching is engaging and straight forward. I love learning through projects, this is exactly how she teaches. The videos go hand in hand with her book so, you will have no trouble getting  a full understanding of how to make a sweater .

Sweaters are my favourite thing to knit and previously, with the exception of two sweaters, I have only knit them seamlessly. I love this method but, I have a very simple philosophy with knitting,  I must master my craft and in order to do that I must master methods I am not partial to. I hate seaming, which is why my sweaters are seamless , but the way Sweater 101 presents itself, I can’t help but learn to make a sweater, the Cheryl Brunette way.

So I found my pattern , a basic drop shoulder pull over. But what about the yarn?

Cue the new knit picks catalog. Swish worsted brights in hot pink with the fun yarn name of pucker!


I almost  jumped for joy when I saw the neon colours on the first few pages.

And what’s that I see?  its also offered in fingering weight? Do I need to make a pair of hot pink socks to match my sweater? YES!

The plan is now in place, the yarn ordered and now I patiently await a big box of pink yarn to arrive on my doorstep.

I will be blogging the progress of my sweater so, please subscribe to see how it turns out.

Do you knit for yourself? Feel free to comment on the blog, tweet or e-mail me at smashleestitches@gmail.com and let me know if your projects end up in the closet like mine or do you wear them proudly?

Thanks for reading!



3 thoughts on “A Sweater For Me – A Knitting Bucket List Post

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