And I’m going to be down with Miss Marple For Life

I am live my life in 15 minute intervals.  Its really the only way of survival. With 2 ( sometimes 3 ) under the age of five running around, life is catoic to say the least. Over the last year I have figured out by trial and error that 15 mins is about how long it takes before something happens that requires my attention.  As of right now of my knitting times are short and sparatitc. It use to be I could knit for 6 hours a day and I had a pretty rigid schedule but , now I knit in 15 min to half an hour intervals two or three times a day. Unless by fluke everyone is sleeping at the same time..

The creative side of me is frustrated a bit by this but, the mommy side of me is overjoyed at the fact I get to watch the minis grow. Mini-me starts preschool in a couple of weeks and mini-he will be 1 years old in just over a month. Wow has the year gone by fast and I am all to aware of the fact the mini’s will grow to be not so mini any more and I will have all the time in world to knit.

Right now though,  the fur started crying and the endless episodes of “Handy Manny”  start to get me and this Mom needs a little peace. That;’s where knitting and Miss Marple comes in. I pick up the needles and press play on a Miss Marple episode on netflix.

The show was made in 1984 ( the year I was born)  but as far I can tell takes places in the 1950s or so. I love simple, not gory murder mysteries and that is exactly what this is.

Miss Marple is an amateur detective who is often classified as a nosy and gossipy old lady but, she is very perceptive and detail oriented. In the end of day she ALWAYS finds out whodunnit. The best part of all of this, if you haven’t guessed already, is the knitting. Miss Marple knits. She knit whenever she gets a chance, and does most of thinking while knitting. (don’t we all?)

Miss Marple Knitting

Each episode is about 2 hours long so each day, I aim to get through one episode . 15 minutes here, 15 minutes there and when its bedtime for the mini’s I finish off the episode and knit like a mad women all the way through.

I’m almost done going through everything netflix has to offer on Miss Marple and I am little sad when it will come to and end. Maybe I’ll have to just watch them all over again…

My 15 minutes of blogging is almost up, so I will leave you with a video of a song I heard while driving. ” Mind the Gap” by Nabiha

She sings that she is down with Miss Marple for life… Me too


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