Thursday Stitch day!! #31-40

Hello all!!

Welcome to Thursday and I really hope your day is going awesome!! It looks as though fall is coming soon  and you know what? As a knitter I am SO okay with that. My last few nights  have consisted of netflix and Miss Marple shows, my knitting and a blanket. So cozy and I am so in heaven!!

If you have been following my blog you will know (most) Thursday’s involve me showing off my stitchonary blanket, where I am knitting EVERY square out one of the very first knitting books I ever owned called “400 Knitting Stitches ” by Potter Craft.

Today I will show off stitches number 31 to 40. All of these stitches are different variations of just simply knit/purl combinations.


#31 Garter Stitch Rectangles


#32 Cobblestones


#33 5/5 Checks ( my very first scarf was this pattern)


#34 Lines and Rectangles


#35 Basket Weave 1


#36 Alternating Rib


#37 Interrupted Rib 1


#38 Woven Rib


#39 Horizontal Dash Stitch


#40 Garter Stitch Cobblestones



My favourite of these stitches was probably Basket Weave 1. Its simple to knit while watching tv but not so boring to put you sleep!


Next week I’ll be covering #41 – 50 but, right now netflix, my blanket and some knit dishcloths are calling!

Thanks for reading!



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