400 Stitches #11-20

If you read my last post you will know on Thursdays I use my blog for accountability as I complete all the stitches out of Stitchonary “ 400 Stitches” . However, I missed last week… I was sick, and grumpy and trying to catch up on housework.  I was all  ready to go and had even taken pictures of squares 11-20 but, it never made it on my computer. Oh well.. Instead of  dwelling on the past I’m moving forward with this weeks post .


The one thing I wanted to mention is that if you are following along in the book, I have found some errors in regards to some of the stitch patterns. One of these errors occurs in #17 . I am not going to post my corrections until I know for certain its not just me and my knitting but, just be aware theres a possibility not all the pattern instructions are correct in the book.


Now, lets look at stitches 11 through 20. We are justing using knit and purl  at this stage in the book but, the patterns are becoming more textured and visually interesting.



 #11 Caterpillar Stitch
#11 Caterpillar Stitch

The Garter Stitch Rib is a nice textured  rib if you want to dress up your ribbing on a hat or sweater.

#12 3/3 Garter Stitch Rib
#12 3/3 Garter Stitch Rib
#13 2/2 Garter Stitch Rib
#13 2/2 Garter Stitch Rib


#14 1/2 Garter Stitch Rib
#15 Broken Rib
#15 Broken Rib
#16 Moss Stitch Rib
#16 Moss Stitch Rib
#17 Fancy Moss Stitch Rib

The Mock English rib are some my favourite stitches. They are very textured which I love.

#18 Mock English Rib 1
#19 Mock English Rib 2
#20 Furrowed Rib

Those are this weeks stitches. Check back next week when I show you #21-30 in more knit purl combination.

Thanks for reading!!




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