Bringing Back the Blanket

If you have been reading my blog over the last year and a half you will notice I am pretty goal oriented person. I like things to have a rhyme and reason to them. I like lists, and schedules. I like things to go exactly in the order they should.  I love the idea of knitting all the pattens in a knitting book from the very first page to the last.  I think this is why a stitchonary appeals to me so much.  That is why I am  knitting  every swatch in the book “400 Stitches: A Complete Guide of Essential Stitches”  in the order that  they appear. These  little swatches are sewn together to make a gigantic blanket for my bed.  In my mind, it  just has to be done.

That being said the other thing I need to do is forgive myself. I need to forgive myself for not working on this project much over the last little while. ( I do have a really good reason though) I should have been more than half done by now but, like I said my Mommy duties called.the minis at the pa

I also need to forgive myself for the errors in my knitting and for missing pattern #9. It irks me its not going to be pink . it will instead be blue and will be 4 rows down from where it should be.  Instead of hanging out with the other ribbing swatches it will be with the cabled ones. I hope it enjoys its home there. As much as my brain is telling me to, I am NOT going to undo all  the work i’ve already done to stick one swatch in the right place.  That would mean undoing the seams of over 100 swatches and re sewing them together… I …just …. can’t. 

I am also forgiving myself for not having updated pictures for you guys. Like I said not much progress has been done . But, fear not! As I was looking over my project and trying not to feel the guilt of all the other WIP’s I need to get to, I fell in love with it all over again.  Flaws and all. 

So because I don’t have much to show for it, I figure why not go back and show in detail what I have done so far. Every Wednesday, I will show 10 more stitches of the blanket, in the order that  they appear in the book .


here we go!

The first three are some of the most basic stitches and usually the first ones any knitter learns,

#1 Stocking Stitch
#2 Reverse Stocking Stitch
#3 Garter Stitch
#3 Garter Stitch

Then we get into a little bit more complicated but, very familiar stitches

#4 Moss Stitch
#4 moss stitch
#6 double moss stitch
#5 Double moss Stitch

Here’s the ribbing.

#6 1/1 ribbing
#7 1/2 Ribbing
#8 2/2 Rib
#8 2/2 ribbing
#9 3X2 Ribbing
#10 5×1 Ribbing


If your like me and like the order and/or your a little bit crazy why not join me and knit along!

Again the book is “400 Stitches: A Complete Guide of Essential Stitches” 

For more information on these or any of my knitting bucket list items check out my blog archives.


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