Knitting Mentors

This past Christmas I was struggling with a new knitting technique, so I turned to You Tube for some answers to find some video demonstrations to help me. What I discovered on the little panel beside the video your watching ( you know the one that says suggested videos) was so much more than just the answer to my questions. I found my knitting mentor.

I have always been a fan of knitters such as Elizabeth Zimmerman, Meg Swansen, Vicki Howell but, who I stumbled upon  may  just be a kindred spirit.  Her name is Staci, and her website is

I first clicked on her video because of the name, I am obsessed with the colour pink and so anything with “pink” and “knit” in the title is a “must see” for me.

Watching Very Pink Knits while knitting
Watching Very Pink Knits while knitting

I don’t remember the first video I watched, but, I was hooked instantly.

Her are few reasons why I cannot get enough of her.

  • She has no stash ( hello, bucket list item #3)
  • She loves circulars needles and The shorter the better for straight and dpns needles ( see my blog post on this)
  • She has completed the knitting masters course from the American’s knitters guild   ( I have always wanted to do this…and honestly I don’t know why this isn’t on my bucket list…)
  • She has turned her love of knitting into a full fledged business. This is what I am trying to do and now that I know about Staci, I know that it is possible.
  •   The way she knits. I know this sounds weird but, I spend a lot of time when I am knitting watching her videos. I love the way she holds the yarn, the needles , everything. I could watch her knit all day and honestly, if  I am in a bad mood I don’t even listen to what she’s saying I just watch and my mood instantly gets better.
  •  She makes me feel not crazy!! A lot of my more advanced knitting skills were self – taught and I have often wondered if I was doing them correctly. As I go through her videos, I see more and more similarities on how we knit! We think the same and that is a welcomed reassurance.
  • Her patterns are gorgeous. I want to knit them all, with all my yarn, on my short needles and have no stash left over!!! Ahhh knitting bliss!!
  •  In her videos she does a lot of close-ups and explains everything in a lot of detail.
  •  She’s consistent. She posts new videos ever Wedneday. I so look forward to this, and usually watch them as soon as she posts them. The rest of the week I just watch her old ones ( she’s been doing this for 4 years now, so there is a lot to go through) and count down the days to new content.
  •   She’s approachable. You can access her anywhere, youtube, website, facebook, google +, raverly , pinterest, twitter.

So in closing, I just want to say Staci, you rock 🙂

And in case your wondering. my favorite videos thus far is her Fancy Stitch Combo Series

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