The Knitting Bucket List Revised

I like goals, I think they are a great way to keep track of our what we want to achieve in every aspect of life. That is why I started the “knitting bucket list”,a comprehensive list of my goals for my knitting business, Smashlee Stitches. I decided to share this on my  blog  because it keeps me accountable and is a great driving force in getting these goals checked off my list.   I hope in the end it inspires some one to do the same with their goals, whatever they are.

With that said, I have been thinking of the bucket list a lot of the last few months and have decided it is need of some tweaking. I listen to a lot of audiobooks while I knit and a good majority of them are about goal setting. With all that I have learned about this topic in the past year, I now see where some my goals needed to be more specific and action oriented. So, In the rest of this blog post you will find the  updated and revised version of my knitting bucket list. Enjoy 😉


The Knitting Bucket List

 1. Finish my Daughter’s baby blanket.  – Finished   Read the blog post

  2.Knit myself a sweater I really love.

 3.Use up all the yarn in my knitting stash.

 4.Write or contribute an article to a knitting magazine or newsletter

5. Make enough money from knitting and knitting related activities to support my family financially, which would allow my husband to quit his job and peruse his dreams.

6. Contribute and donate knitting to various charities and people in need.

 7. Finish knitting all the stitches in the book “400 Knitting Stitches

8. Knit for the movies

  9. Write a book about knitting

 10. Knit a set of booties or slippers in all the NHL team colours.

11. Read, write reviews and make a master list of best knitting books out there.

12. Publish a collection of original Smashlee Stitches patterns.

13. Knit a garden.

14. Have Smashlee Stitches grow big enough that I need at least one employee.

 15. Make my own knitting themed greeting cards

16. Learn to teach knitting and one day have online classes.

17 .Felt something! Finished   Read the blog post

 18. Own a complete…and I mean COMPLETE set of circular knitting needles in every size and length.

 19. Be a test knitter Finished   Read the blog post

 20. Be part of a mystery knit along.

21. learn to Crochet.

 22. Finished all my current UFO ( unfinished objects)

23. Only have 5 projects on the go at once.

24. Learn to spin.

25 .Own a yarn shop

26. Teach a child to knit

27.Read the all the knitting books on this site.

 28. Have one only of patterns be on the “hot right now” list on Raverly.

 29. Take a tour of a major yarn company’s factory.

 30. Have a Smashlee Stitches hand knit purse/bag line.

 31. Knit a tutu Finished  

Read the blog post

32. Knit my Dad a Star Trek sweater.

 33. Knit some of the really cute patterns from Mochimochi land.

 34. Attend an Interweave Knitting Lab.

 35. Learn and study the history of knitting.

 36. Knit a wedding dress.

 37.  Knit curtains.

 38. Knit a sweater  that has a zipper.

 39. Visit a sheep or aplaca farm.

 40. Use Raverly on a regular basis. Finished  Read the blog post

41. Go to a knitting conference.

42. Write a stitchonary.

 43. Knit my husband something he will actually wear on a regular basis.

 44.  Learn magic loop.

 45.  do a knitting photo shoot

        46. 1000 Etsy sales

 47. Knit on TV.

 48. Complete 10 craftsy classes

 49. Have my own youtube knitting videos

 50 . Make knit shoes. (not slippers, actual shoes)

 51. Listen to all the knit picks podcasts.

 52. Become a master knitter by, completing the coures through the knitting guild

 53.Complete the color by kristen book

 54. Learn to dye my own yarn.

 55. Have my own yarn line.

 56. Master intarsia knitting

 57. Meet the yarn harlot.

58. Make my little brother a star wars themed blanket.

 59. Learn to double knit.

 60.  Knit my way through all the Elizabeth Zimmerman books.

 61  Have my own podcast or contribute to one regularly.

62. Learn to duplicate stitch.

 63. Learn embroidery.

64.Knit a sock monkey.

65. Design and knit the characters from my Dad’s book. When I was 9 my dad and I wrote a book called “The Night Before The Night Before Christmas Morning.” We self published it but, my goal is to re-publish the book and maybe add some knitted toys to go along with it.

 66. Knit a Dr Who Themed Blanket.

 67. Yarn bomb something.

 68. Read through and knit everything in Stitch London

 69. Knit my own royal family.

70. Knit a version of the “Ernie” sweater for a child.

71. Knit an Aran sweater.

 72. Knit some pants.

73. Knit a house coat

 74.  Knit mini-he a blanket

75. Find a way to organize my DPNs and circular knitting needles.

 76. Knit a hot water bottle cover.

 77. Crochet socks.

 78. Only have knit socks in my drawer…no more store bought.

 79. Create my own sock pattern.

 80.  Knit my mom a sweater.

 81. Design a Fair Isle Pattern for a scarf.

82. Have my dream home office.

83. Have a pattern published in Knitty.

84.  Have a pattern published in Knit Simple Magazine.

85. Have my products featured on the main page of Etsy.

86. Have my knitted garments in a fashion show.

87. Learn to Knook.

88. Learn Tunisian Crochet. Sort of like Knooking…but, different.

89. Use a turkish drop spindle.

90. Knit an authentic Dr. Who Scarf. Finished   Read the blog post

91. Learn to Loom knit.

92. Knit Christmas stockings for my family.

93. Make an emergency knitting kit for my car.

94. Knit a set of placemats.

95. Make my own line of knitting related greeting cards.

96. Design an award winning afghan.

97. Knit an infinity scarf.  Finished  Read the blog post

98.Knit a  throw pillows  for my bedroom.

99. Make a new bucket list.

100. Never give up!

Current Uncompleted Goals: 93

Completed Goals: 7


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