Adventures In Felting.

In going through my “UFO” projects, I discovered a long forgotten project of some hot pink  uggs slippers I was making. They were to  be made of 100% wool and then felted.

It surpised me these slippers were tossed to the side for a later date because of two reasons… 1. I love uggs, (  I wore hot pink uggs at my wedding) and 2.  I love pink..actually, no..I’m obsessed with the colour pink. I have been raking my brain trying to remember why I gave up  knitting these but, I got nothing. My best guess is that I got distracted. Which any knitter knows..can and does happen ALOT!

After pulling out a pattern that had clearly been attacked by a teething baby, as it  had teeth marks all over it, as well as a chunk missing from the top corner, I grabbed a ball of hot pink yarn and knit away.

Now, this will sound kind of weird coming from a knitter, but I am not a huge fan of wool. The scratchiness bothers me (  maybe that’s why I stopped knitting these uggs?) but, I “struggled” through my uncomfortableness and finished knitting the pair of slippers in a day or so.

When I finished the knitting portion and showed Mr. Smashlee, he simply started at my giant slipper and said ” I think you screwed up.”

” Nope” I replied ” they are meant to be bigger; I’ll stick them in the wash and they will shrink down to my size. I think…”

“umm..alright”  Mr. Smashlee replied and basically avoided all eye contact with me as I ran down to the laundry room to throw my slippers in the wash.

slipper before the wash
14 inch long foot… trying to get to a 9-10 inch foot…wish me luck!

I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified something would happen to them. I had never done this before and they were really large. I also have a high efficiency washer, and I had heard from “google” that it might not work the way I wanted.

I turned the dials and knobs to put my washer on hot/cold, ran a short cycle and I did let it spin ( although, I’m pretty sure I read  that you aren’t suppose to let the washer spin. ) Regardless, I threw a load of hot pink towels in the load as well and I did use detergent. ( A mild, unscented, good on everything and has little chemicals in it. )

Then I had to wait forever to see how they turned out… in reality it was only 40 minutes but, like I said, I was terrified so ,It felt so much much longer .

Here are the slippers after two washes.

One wash down!! And still in tact!
After two washes

I can’t believe it! It actually works!!

So, feeling a little braver I wash them again. Exactly the same as last time.

After wash number 3
After wash number 3

I washed them one more time and basically got them to the size I wanted. However, I could have gone one more wash as they do fit a bit big.

IMG_0511 IMG_0512

After I showed Mr. Smashlee my new slippers. He looked at me all bright eyed and said ” That’s amazing! It’s like magic! People would really catch on to this! It’s knitted but, It doesn’t look knitted! You could sell  tons of these, I’m sure! How did you come up with such an idea? ”

Basically, he went on like this for a while..I wasn’t gonna stop him and tell him I didn’t come up with the idea. So I just smiled and tried on my “magical” shrinking slippers

IMG_0513Yup. I love them! In fact, I think I got over my dislike of wool. They aren’t  scratchy  at all and I pretty much wear them every day  even when it is hot out.

So, with the story of how Smashlee learned to felt now told, I can say that another bucket list item is done… #17 ” Felt Something” is  now officially crossed off the list as completed.

Now, I guess it’s not the another unfinished project… maybe I’ll knit my mom’s sweater next….


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