Just A Little Inspiration…

Inspiration can be found in the weirdest of places. I never really took notice of what inspires me as a knitter until I wrote this topic under my “possible blog topics” list. Almost instantly ideas flew into my head. People, places, yarns, colours , books all of which I draw my inspiration from.

So here are a few of my favourites

Rainbow yarn…

Ever since I first laid eyes on brightly multi-coloured  yarn, I fell in love. I am a big fan of colours in general but, there is something about seeing all those bright colours lined up together that gets my mind excited and ready to knit. I try very hard not to buy yarn when I don’t need it but, those rainbow colours are my kryptonite. It’s like it brings me back to the innocence of childhood and the reminds me of fluffy clouds ,care bears, and my wall paper in my  room when I was  3 years old. It just make me happy !

My latest project.. a knitted tutu.. with rainbow yarn
My latest project.. a knitted tutu.. with rainbow yarn

         Knit Gardens

This one is harder to explain but, while googling one day I came across this book by Jan Messent called ” Knitted Gardens”. It instantly struck a cord, I was fascinated by the tiny details that made this garden come alive in yarn form . This would make sense if I was a gardener but, I kill plants without meaning to and couldn’t even properly rake up leaves if I tired. Never the less, I have since bought the book and although I’m not sure I’ll ever make a knitted garden, I certainly enjoy looking through this book when I’m totally out of ideas. What I particularly love is the garden blanket and pillow.  I would give anything to curl up in bed and knit.  I guess what intrigues me the most is, unlike most knitting, there is really no practical purpose behind it. You are just suppose to stare at it and enjoy. That’s something I could get behind. Mr. Smashlee has taken a look at this book and just doesn’t get it. In fact, he is sort of  afraid to come home from work one day and see the house turned in to a miniature garden.  I’m not gonna lie, I’m sort of worried about that too.

Knitted Gardens
Knitted Gardens

Blank Loose Leaf  Lined Paper

Whenever I see a stack of loose leaf paper I can help but, think what is this paper destined to be? My mind wanders to all the possibilities…maybe I should leave it blank and let someone write the next bestselling novel on it, or maybe I will be the one to write that novel. Maybe mini-smashlee will draw her first picture that actually looks like something. Maybe I’ll jot down an idea that in coming years will make me a millionaire. Maybe it be a paper airplane that entertains my daughter for hours while I get some housecleaning done. Regardless, It’s a blank sheet and it has an infinite number of  possibilities . I like the thought of a blank slate. It’s sort of like a ball of yarn, it can be anything. You just have to create. I find that very very inspiring .

So , knitter or not, what inspires you???


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