What A Difference A Day Makes….

I woke up this morning in a much better mood then I was in yesterday. For one, the snow was melting and two, I had a pretty great sleep  considering I’m pregnant and half to pee constantly. I used this new found energy and good vibes to spent the day working.

I took some much need pictures of my projects and have a pretty nice bucket list update for everyone.

First off let’s start with item #1… Mini’s Smashlee Baby Blanket.

I have been working away at it and find that I actually have to do this in secret because the mini is constantly bugging me when she sees her “rainbow blanket” pulled out from its bag.

The Rainbow Blanket...
The Rainbow Blanket…

Only one more row to attach, ends to weave in, a boarder to make and a trip in the washing machine and we are done.

The Mini is excited, can't you tell?
Mommy, please hurry and finish my blanket!!

Goal number #7 Finish knitting all the stitches in the book “400 Knitting Stitches ” Starting Square number #82

The Swatch Blanket

And of course, my charity Knitting. Item #6.

So far, I am at 7 purple hats and 2 hospital hats. I’m crocheting as much as I can, and searching for new patterns to increase my crochet knowledge.

Charity Hats
Charity Hats

Basically, I’m feeling good about the bucket list this week. With any luck the mini will have her blanket by next week and I can cross off another item!

Tomorrow, I am going to attempt a bucket list item I have been neglecting for a while…  #66 the art course


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