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Last week, I wrote about knit lit and a cozy mystery novel called ” Knit one, Kill Two” by  Maggie Sefton. I am currently on book 2 of 8 of this series but, it’s going pretty slow as ,the only time I really get my Ipad to myself is first thing in the morning while Mini-Smashlee eats her oatmeal…or “Emeal” as she calls it. So, while I am reading through the second book in the series I figured why not tell you about some other knitting related novels I have read.

This series of three books I discovered while on my honeymoon. Mr. Smashlee, likes to take alot of naps, and I respectfully did not pack my knitting with me, cause well…I wasn’t really planning on any down time.  However, the wedding did take alot out of both of us and our favorite past time, besides the obvious, was hanging out in our massive bed , and the mr. napped and I read. It was the most relaxing and peaceful time. So, this set of books have a special place in my heart and brings back some great memories.

A knitting trilogy by Kate Jacob
A knitting trilogy by Kate Jacob

This knitting trilogy by Kate Jacobs, starts off with  “The Friday Night Knitting Club”, continues with ” Knit Two” and has a wonderful conclusion with ” Knit for the Season”.

I had just learned to knit earlier that year and was growing close to my knitting group. While I was reading these books, I was very proud of myself for understanding the knitting humour and terminology.

The books centres around the main character Georgia, and her daughter Dakota. However, you learn a lot about the whole knitting group and find yourself relating  to each and everyone.  I love the way that Kate Jacobs writes and is really worth also reading her non-knitting novel “Comfort Food”. I do have to give a warning though, if you super sensitive and crier, like I am ,I suggest two courses of actions do not read in a public place and read with a box of tissues. However, If I remember correctly, this mostly only applies to the first novel. I don’t remember the other two books being as emotional but, they are a good read never the less.

Basically, Kate Jacobs, opened my eyes to the world of knit lit, and the possibility the others loved this craft as much as I do. So, Thank you Kate Jacobs. and you know, if your not too busy, you should totally write another book!


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