Unfinished Business

One thing I am really bad at is finishing projects. My current list of UFO’s is so long that if I publicized it on my blog I would probably be blacklisted from the knitting world. However, I am trying to get this problem under control..I took my two biggest UFO projects and started to work on them again earlier this week.

The first one I have talked about before on my very first bucket list post   Item number #7 Finish knitting all the stitches in the book “400 Knitting Stitches”. I actually really like this project and the only reason I abandoned it was that I was running out of yarn. I really didn’t want to buy more, as this would be adding to my stash. ( for those who don’t know I am on a major de-stashing mission, also a bucket list item) So after, a lot of thinking about  this lack of yarn problem and assessing  the  current stash I gave my self permission to use a different yarn for the next few rows of the blanket. I really wanted to do all bright pink and blues, but, now I will be doing 4 rows of  different shade of pink and a different shade of blue, then I used previously. It could look really ugly but, this is more a learning piece than anything else and I really want to use up as much yarn as I can, as this is a pretty big project.  I have “scheduled” this  UFO into my daily knitting schedule on Mondays and Thursdays.

The next project I have taken on is mini-smashlee’s baby blanket. This was suppose to be completed 2 years ago. Never happened. She is now 2 1/2 and with a sibling on the way I figured if this blanket is ever going to get finished, now is the time to do it.

I started knitting alphabet squares in alternating “girly” colours when I found out I was having a girl. The squares were all done before her birth but, I was struggling on how to attach them together. I hate sewing and I didn’t want the frustration of  learning how to crochet. I think this blanket has been put together 4 or 5 times using various methods…and of course, every time I took it apart ,a square got destroyed in the process and needed to be re-knit.

When I pulled this project out, I did some intense googling and decided to crochet the squares together using a slip stitch. I’m liking it alot so far but, I did find  a little extra motivation and while I’m putting the first row together.

This is a conversation I had with mini-smashlee earlier in the week.

” Mommy, what are you doing?”

“Mommy is finally putting your blanket together!

“Rainbow scarf for me Mommy?” The letters were just attached in a row at this point.

“no, not a scarf a rainbow blanket.”

“ooh, rainbow blanket!, rainbow blanket!”

and today, as I was trying to take a picture of my progress she swipes the blanket from my hands and lies on the floor with it. It took some bribing with chocolate but, I got my picture.

The first two rows attached.There will be a light green boarder around it and I must finish quickly as there is a little girl anxiously waiting.
The first two rows attached.
There will be a light green boarder around it and I must finish quickly as there is a little girl anxiously waiting.

I work on this project on Wednesday, Saturdays and Sundays.

This is actually the 1st goal on mu bucket list as, I really have felt bad about since the mini was born. However, nothing warms my heart more than having a my  wide eyed mini sitting next to me while I work on her blanket, and hearing her little voice chant ” rainbow blanket!”

Maybe there is a method to my procrastination madness after all…Hmm…


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