Charity Knitting

I am always giving my  personal knitting projects away. In fact I don’t know how to knit for myself .( I think this is a common problem among crafter) . At first I was  knitting for my family and friends but, then my knitting group started to donate to The Period of Purple Crying. A charity that offers support and education about shaken baby syndrome. They take knit or crochet purple hats and distribute them to new parents with some reading material on how to deal with crying. At the time, I was pregnant with my daughter so I spent a good part of my pregnancy knitting up hats for this cause. The knitting group and the community I lived in did an awesome job and ended up donating over 800 hats.

Mini-Smashlee showing off the hats
Mini-Smashlee showing off the hats

Well , fast forward three years and as I watch my business grow I become very aware of needing to give back. My first year in Smashlee Stitches I made a promise to myself and to my customers that with every order I would donate a baby hat  . I even made this a goal in my bucket list. ( Item #6) . Over the past few months I have been slowly working on knitting some hats but, I am far from my goal of 139.  69 of these hats will be going to The Period of Purple Crying. and the other half will be going to the hospital I delivered my daughter at.

My plan  was while I was in labour with my daughter I was to knit and then give any of the hats I finished to the hospital. That so didn’t happen, as my labour went to fast and there was no downtime. (I didn’t even remember to grab my needles or yarn as I left my house ) There was however, lots of downtime after mini-smashlee was born.  Which brings me to a little side story…

Mr. Smashlee was wandering the halls of hospital, looking for coffee for him and pain killers for me and  hebumped into a nurse crocheting.  It is a pretty small hospital and  their hadn’t been a baby born there in over a month. He begged this nurse to come visit me and she kindly brought me some tylenol and spent half an hour or so discussing yarn and crocheting vs. knitting. The next day, she surprised me with some yarn to make a baby blanket  for my baby. I was so touched  by this that later that year knit that baby blanket and donated it.  Anyway, since we were treated so wonderfully at this hospital, I want to give them some love back. I will be making another visit there in October as we will be welcoming a new baby. So, I figured I should be prepared and knit these hats ahead of time. ( along with all other essentials, I will be packing yarn , needles and my completed hats  in my overnight bag)

I have about 8 hats ready to go right now  some purple and some in other colours but, I like variety so I figured this would be the perfect time to learn to crochet.. (bucket list item #21) . When I originally made purple hats I did end up crocheting a few and have since lost the skill and have failed miserably at crocheting a simple baby ( i’ve tired half a dozen times since the purple hat days) . However, the stars were aligned today and this afternoon  I managed to create this…

I did it!!! A crocheted purple hat!
I did it!!! A crocheted purple hat!


The pattern said it would take 10 minutes… It took me an hour but, this was the highlight of my day! Hopefully, I can keep this trend up and crochet some more hats successfully and then move on to more complicated things, like booties or blankets!


Charity is a big part of Smashlee Stitches and I am looking for charities to donate to in 2014 so, if you have a charity or organization in mind who you know could benefit from some knit goodies please comment below or e-mail me at



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