Cozy, Cozy, Cozy…. Easy to read Knitting Novels

If you have been following my bucket list posts, you may be aware of item #27 where I state I am going to read ALL the books located on this list entitled “Knitting Fiction” on a site called E-sequels. Well, I  decided to jump into this task, knowing it is going to  be a lot of hours reading ( or listening) and I might as well get started.  I  chose a book from the list  by first searching through the extensive list of books available through and to see if I could find any audiobook versions of the suggested novels.   I did find quite a few, even some that are not on the e-squels list , but, unfortunately, I did not find a complete series in audiobook format.  Even more fusrating was trying to find the first book in a series  but, after some hunting I did come across one and listened to it intently for a week or so while I did mundane household chores and even while I knit. I especially loved when the mini was tucked away sleeping and Mr. Smashlee was working night shift, as I had the whole night to knit and listen.

knitting bucket list
knitting bucket list

The book I was listening to was called ” Knit One, Kill Two” By Maggie Sefton. It’s a cozy mystery novel published in 2005 by Berkley Books.

For those who have never read a  “cozy mystery” before, it’s a type of mystery novel that essentially leaves out the guts and gore that can accompy a true – crime novel.  The plots, characters and story lines are often more light-hearted and less involved than say a Sherlock  Holmes mystery. They are the perfect type of story to read on weekend or when you want to unwind.  Cozy mysteries are my favourite kind of mystery novel to read, and although I can usually predict the killer by half way through the novel, I still very much enjoy the simple charm this type of book can bring.

“Knit One, Kill Two” was no exception to the discription above.  It takes place in Fort Connor , Colorado, where the main character Kelly Flynn, has recently came back  into town to sort out her Aunt’s affairs after she was tragically murdered . Kelly’s aunt, was an avid knitter who frequented the local yarn shop on a daily basis. When Kelly discovers her Aunt’s murder may not be what it seems she takes it upon her self, with the help of her Aunt’s knitting group,  to find out the surprising truth.  In the midst of all of his Kelly also learns to knit.  I think the author did a wonderful job portraying the struggles, frustration, and fears all knitters have when we  first learn to cast on; And dare I say, having been someone who struggled a lot to learn to knit, I found this part of the book the most amusing and fun to listen to it.

The only downside I found was that when I finished the book, I felt kind of sad because, the second book in the series is not avaliable it audiobook format. So, I need to do some searching for an E-book version or wait for the paperback to arrive in my mailbox .

There is currently 10 books in this particular series and being a massive fan of cozy  mysteries and knitting, I look forward to reading them all.

If you would like to learn more about the author or the series please visit her website here.

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