Getting my Ravelry on…

Well..I’m back..sort of…

I’m still sick..but, life does have to go on and well I am still sleeping ALOT, I am slowly going crazy with boredom.

I have days where I’m feeling pretty good but, then I over exert myself and the next day I’m back to the couch. If I only I could learn to be not so extreme. There is good news though…I’m pretty sure the end of this in near. Another 3 weeks or so and I should be mostly back to my normal knitting schedule and I have discovered that it’s true what they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

While I haven’t spent a whole lot of time being creative , my mind certainly hasn’t taken a break. I’ve had alot of time to think of  knittig,what I want out of Smashlee Stitches, where I see this going, my bucket list, patterns, yarn, …you get the idea…So once I am 100 percent…or honestly, even like 80 percent back to normal , I will be so ready to start  getting to work on some of these ideas that have been floating around in my brain.

This time spent on the couch, or in my bed, daydreaming has not all been wasteful though. I did spend some time knitting. Even completed a few things.

 The Completed Projects

These socks only took like 3 weeks...but, they are finally done!!
These socks only took like 3 weeks…but, they are finally done!!
Knitted vest.  another project that has taken over a month to complete...
Knitted vest. another project that has taken over a month to complete…

So as you can see, knittng is going slowly but, it is getting done . Fingers crossed this coming week isn’t  going to be too bad and I will have some more projects to show off  next week.

The Bucket List

Progress has been made here.. but since it’s been so long since my last post here’s a reminder of what I have been working on

Goal #3 – Getting rid of yarn stash 

Goal #40 – Get addicted to Ravelry

Goal #66. finish my art course

Goal #72 Finish my Cousin’s Blanket

Yarn de-stashing is going pretty good! Feels amazing when I finish a project and I know that I just used up some more yarn, and that I can delete or reduce the entry for that yarn in my  Ravelry stash. I have no desire to go yarn shopping ( and not because I’m sick) . My yarn stash is out in the open for everyone ( including mr. smashlee) to see. There is no hidden yarn in my house.  And although exposing one’s addiction to yarn can be “scary” , the end product of having it all in the open is that I have to look at it.  My shelve that holds my stash is in my living room/ dining room and we spend alot of time there. There’s no getting away from the stash.  So I stare at these balls of yarn every day and it becomes inspiring. It gives old yarn a new purpose and it gives me a drive to knit something.   I’m going to just keep doing what I’m doing and will update the current yardage once I start knitting more.

Disclaimer: I realize that exposing the stash is not for every knitter and to those who do hide their yarn from their spouse, their kids and themselves, know that I am not judging you. I say if you have a yarn addiction, hide yarn in your shower, and have a stash bigger than the life expectancy of yourself  plus the next four generations of your family then I salute you. I think that’s awesome and it can be great part of the knitting experience. I am not against yarn stashes I just personally cannot maintain one.

Goal #40 is officially finished. I am addicted to Ravelry

Although I still haven’t explored everything about the site here is my pros and cons .


  • It’s like Facebook but, for knitters/crocheters
  • You can find groups & people just like you.
  • The pattern searching is amazing and when you find a pattern you love  you can “favourite” it (kinda like bookmarking” and.or “queue ” it. “queuing”, is like a digital format of the knitting to do list. Lots of free patterns.
  • I love  the projects pages, here you can enter all your  current projects, along with accompanying needle size, patterns and notes.
  • Some designers offer their paid patterns to purchase directly from Ravelry. It instantly downloads and you will always have access to the pdf file. No more looking  through  emails or paper patterns.
  • When you enter your yarn stash, it searches the yarn database for the matching yarn and gives you proper yardage & weight. Trust me, the database it huge!!

Basically,  Ravelry is like a giant notebook. You can be crazy organized, or carefree. You essentially can have everything in one place. It may take some time setting it all up but, once your stash, patterns, projects are all in place  all you have to  do is maintain it. If you just want to browse the patterns and chat with other knitters, you can do that to. None of these features of the site are a requirement . It a nutshell, Ravelry is inspiring, fun and there is always something new to be discovered .


  • There’s no app so, the best (only) way to access the site is a computer internet browser. I mostly use my iPad and not a computer so, not having an app with quick access is  a little frustrating .
  • Unless I just haven’t figured this out yet, I wish there was a setting where you could receive an e-mail notification when you are sent a  private message from another member

Not very many cons and honestly, the pet peeves I do have are so small they don’t actually make the site less desirable. However…I really really would like a Ravelry App.

So since this item is officially done, that now means I have 4 items done.. and 96 more to go!!!

I wish I could say I have made progress on the other two items but sadly, I have not. Just feels like right now these items would exert too much energy.  But hopefully, my energy returns and I can finally have something to report regarding my art course and my cousin’s blanket.

Thank you for reading and putting up with my lack of consistent posting. I’m now going to crawl back into bed and maybe knit?


P.S. Feel free to “follow” or “friend ” me on Raverly…just search for the username  smashleestitches


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